1 Corinthians 7:1-24 - Questions about Marriage

1. Why might some of the Corinthians thank it was best not to get married? (Vs 1)

2. In Verse 2, Paul says that being married should keep you from doing something immoral. What would that immoral thing be? (See vs 6:9, 15-16)

3. In a recent episode of Wife Swap, a strong Christian couple strongly believed that in all things in the household, the man rules. What do you think Paul would say about that in light of verses 4 and 5?

4. What would Paul (or you) say to a strongly Christian woman who says that sex is permissible only in a dark room under the covers in the missionary position and only when everything is totally okay between she and her husband (which only happens about once every six months)?

5. In Verses 10-11, Paul reaffirms the principle that divorce is wrong among Christians. (Matthew 5:32, 19:3-9) How do you feel about that? How about divorce among non-Christians or mixed couples? (Verse 15)

6. Many Christians strongly believe they should only marry another Christian. What would Paul say about that? How do you personally feel about it?

7. In the paragraph on obeying the Lord (Verses 17 to 24) Paul repeats his basic premise three times (vs 17, 20, 24). In your own words, what is it?

8. What are some reasons you should stay what you were when God chose you?

9. So Paul says that Christians should be content, stay the way they were when God chose them, and what else? (Verses 19, 22)

10. On a contentment scale of 1 to 10 (1 = “I hate getting up each day” and 10 = “life couldn’t be better”) where do you fall? Why?

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