1 Corinthians 9:24 - 10:13 - Warnings From Israel's History
(Memory verse: 1 Corinthians 10:13b)

1. In verse 24, Paul says only one person in a race wins the prize. Often, Olympic athletes and commentators focus only on the gold medal. What do you think of this attitude?

2. In the Christian race, does only the top winner go to heaven? (John 3:16)

3. In the Christian race, how are you doing? (a) Fresh, because Iím just starting, (b) Feeling tired and achy, thinking of dropping out for a while, (c) Going great; got my second wind, (d) Where in the world is the finish line? (e) I thought this was a sprint, not a marathon.

4. In verse 27, Paul talks about being disqualified. How could one who is preaching the word of God to others possibly be disqualified?

5. Moving into Chapter 10, Paul recalls some lessons from the Exodus. It sounds like the Israelites were pretty good: they followed God in the cloud, they were all baptized, they ate spiritual food and drank spiritual drink, but God was displeased with them. Why? (Exodus 32:1-10, Numbers 13:26 - 14:12, 14:20-24)

6. Letís look at the things Paul holds up as warnings to us: A. Verse 7: worshiping idols (Exodus 32:1-10). What idols do you worship today?

B. Verse 8: sexual immorality (Numbers 25:1-9). Do you feel sexually tempted? Have you given into sexual temptation?

C. Verse 9: putting Christ to the test (ďtempting ChristĒ in some translations) (Numbers 21:4-6). Have you ever tested (or tempted) Christ or the Lord? How?

D. Verse 10: donít grumble and complain (Numbers 14:2, 14:36, 16:41-50). Do you ever grumble and complain about what God is letting happen to you?

7. Is temptation sin?

8. In summary, Paul tells us we must be disciplined in our Christian training, that we should run to win the race, but there are many temptations along the way to distract us and cause God to be angry. Whatís the overall moral of the Paulís teaching from 9:24 to 10:11?

9. Do you find verse 13 encouraging?

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