1 Corinthians 11:17-34 - Rules for the Lord's Supper

1. In Verse 18, Paul speaks out against divisions in the church, but then in Verse 19, he allows that some divisions in church are okay. Explain.

2. Eating a meal vs. partaking of the Lordís supper was a major issue 2,000 years ago, but is largely not an issue today. However, rich and poor factions (vs 21-22) do exist today. What would Paul say about them?

3. What do you think Paul would say about the Prosperity Christian movement today? (Deut 8:17-18, Eccl 5:18-19, Mal 3:10, Luke 6:38, John 10:10)

4. We discussed the Lordís Supper two lessons ago, so letís look specifically at Verse 25 in which Jesus says, ďThis cup is the new covenant...Ē What exactly is meant by the phrase, ďnew covenant?Ē (Jeremiah 31:31-34)

5. Remembrance (vs 24-25), proclamation or announcement (vs 26), and participation (vs 10:16) are three realities of the Lordís Supper. How would you explain to a non-believer how the Lordís Supper accomplishes each of these?

6. Many churches have no restrictions on who may receive communion so you often see 9-year-old children participating. Other churches require one to be confirmed or sign a statement of belief before receiving communion. How do you feel about this?

7. There is not much support in the Bible for Paulís view in Verses 29-30 that if you partake of communion without honoring Christ, God will judge you and punish you with sickness and death. How do you feel about this?

8. In Verse 32, Paul softens his view a bit in that he now speaks of being judged and disciplined (rather than punished) by the Lord. Is this a good thing? (Psalm 94:12, 118:18, Proverbs 3:11-12, Hebrews 12:7-10, Revelation 3:19)

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