1 Corinthians 15:1-11 - The Resurrection of Christ

1. Paul reminds the Corinthians again that “you are saved if you hold firmly to the word I preached.” What else might people do after hearing the word?

2. Should unbelievers be removed from a Christian church or youth group or Bible study group? (Matthew 13:28-29)

3. What about Christ is “of first importance?” (Verses 3-8)

4. Why does Paul stress Christ’s appearances? (Verses 5-8) Does this prove the resurrection? Why or why not? (Acts 3:15)

5. How would you counter someone who explains away the resurrection in some naturalistic way (e.g., his body was removed from the tomb) or just plain thinks these Bible verses are fiction?

6. Why the stress on God’s grace in Verses 9-11? (Acts 9:1-3)

7. In Verse 10, Paul said he worked harder than the other apostles partly because he had to continually “prove himself” after persecuting Christians for so long. Have you ever had to prove yourself to show others that you’ve changed? What helps you with this?

8. Where would you be now except for God’s grace?

9. How does belief in Jesus’ resurrection and your own afterlife affect you personally?

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