1 Corinthians 3 - Divisions in the Church

1. Since each faction at Corinth thought it was more spiritual than the others, how would they react to Verses 1-4?

2. What does Paul mean by "infants?" By "milk?" By "solid food?"

3. How are worldly versus spiritual people defined here?

4. What in the point of Paul's extended metaphor in Verses 5-9? In verses 10-15?

5. Which materials in Verse 12 would stand the test of time? Of fire? of God's judgement?

6. Given this discussion of building materials, what is one "concrete" way that you can help build God's church in your community?

7. The "you" in Verses 16-18 is plural and refers to the whole church at Corinth (and to us today). How would you explain to someone the picture that Paul describes in Verse 16?

8. And how would you explain the warning in Verse 17?

9. In Verse 22, in what sense does Paul mean that "all things are yours?"

10. Explain in your own words what Verses 22-23 mean to you today.

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