1 Corinthians 6:1-11 - Avoiding Lawsuits with Christians (1-8)
and Barriers to Entering the Kingdom of God (9-11)
1. Does Paul think that all Christians should get along together and not have disputes with each other? What does this mean for you?

2. With your background and attitude, if you were a judge, what kind would you be: Hanging judge? Lenient? Pushover? Known for creative sentencing? Why?

3. Both verses 2 and 3 begin with the phrase, “do you not know...” or “don’t you realize...” Did Paul think that the Corinthians really didn’t know what he was stating?

4. Explain verses 2-3 in which Paul says, first, that saints (or believers) will judge the world and second, that you will judge the world (or angels)? (see Daniel 7:22)

5. What point does Paul make in Verse 6 that applies to you today?

6. What does Paul mean in verse 7 when he says “lawsuits with one another are a defeat for you?” (Matthew 18:21-22)

7. In this next paragraph (verses 9-11), Paul identifies a number of wrongs (or sins) that will prevent people entering the Kingdom of God. The first category is sexual sin. What are the four types of sexual immorality he lists here and in Romans 1:26?

8. Does that mean that if you committed adultery or had sex with a man you cannot enter God’s Kingdom?

9. In addition to those who practice sexual immorality, what other types of people does Paul say will not enter the Kingdom of God?

10. Paul seems to have gone well beyond the Ten Commandments here (Exodus 20:1-17). What justification does he have for doing so? (Matthew 5:21-40)

11. Is there anything you are doing in your life today that would prevent you from entering the Kingdom of God?

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