Daniel Chapter 1 - Taking a Stand

1. Who wrote the book of Daniel? When did it take place? When was it written?

2. Who did Nebuchadnezzar take into captivity back to Babylon and who was left in Judah? (2 Kings 24:14, Jeremiah 24:1-10)

3. What advice did Jeremiah have for the Jews that were taken into exile? (Jer 29:4-7) Would this advice be easy to follow? (Acts 5:29)

4. Why did Nebuchadnezzar especially want young men for training? (Verses 1:4)

5. Why three years of training?

6. Why did Ashpenaz change the names of Daniel and his three friends? (To intimidate them, brand them, frighten them, anger them, assimilate them?)

7. Do religions today ever use a similar type of indoctrination? How about the Christian church; has it ever used these methods?

8. Why did Daniel ask for special food? (Religious reasons, cultural reasons, distrusted Kingís food, wanted to feel separate, didnít like its taste)

9. Does these verses promote being a vegetarian and teetotaler? If not, what do they promote?

10. To Daniel and his friends, what was it like to maintain their diet (easy, traumatic, frightening, spiritual, risky)?

11. If you were Daniel, what resource would you have appreciated the most? (The helpful official, my three friends, Godís sustaining power, Jewish dietary laws, knowledge and understanding from God)

12. What do you feel when you stand up for something you believe in (confidence, power, peace, elation, fear, freedom)?

13. What often keeps you from taking a stand (lack of confidence, apathy, ignorance, time, fear, possible bad consequences)?

14. What is your greatest resource for taking a stand (Godís power, my family support, financial resources, others who share the same interest, prayers of my small group, encouragement from Scripture, other)?

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