Israel 1965 Silver 5-Lirot, KM-45, roll of 10, BU.

Israel 1965 Silver 5-Lirot, KM-45, roll of 10 ~ Brilliant Uncirculated
Israel 1965 Silver 5-Lirot, KM-45, roll of 10, Brilliant Uncirculated, proof-like.

This is a roll of 10 proof-like brilliant uncirculated (BU) 1965 silver 5-Lirot coins, catalog KM-45 (A-8). Each is 34 mm dia, weighs 25.0 grams, and is 0.900 silver. Actual silver weight is 0.7234 ounces, which at the April 22, 2011 price of silver ($46.68/ounce) means each coin is worth $33.77 in silver bullion alone. The coin pictured above is representative of those in the roll (click on the image for an even larger image). Only 25,252 of these uncirculated coins were released.

The coin was issued to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the State of Israel. On the obverse is the emblem of the State between two olive branches joined at their base by the word "Israel" in Hebrew and Arabic. Underneath is the date "5725-1965" in Hebrew and English. To the right on the bottom is the numeral 5 and the inscription "Israel Lirot." On the reverse is a stylized rendering of the Knesset stressing the horizontal lines. Underneath to the right is the Hebrew inscription, "The Knesset."

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