Set of 6 China 2008 Olympic Mascot Coins
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Set of 6 China Olympic coins
Set of 6 China Olympic coins in box
Set of 6 China Olympic coins in box

China Olympic coin reverse Set of 6 China Olympic Mascot Coins ~ 2008 ~ Brilliant Uncirculated
This 6-coin set of coins was issued by China to commemorate the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Limited edition of 60,000. Each coin shows one of the 5 mascots on the obverse and a different scene of China on the reverse. The mascots are: Beibei (blue), Jingjing (silver), HuanHuan (red), Yingying (yellow-orange), and Nini (green). The reverse of each coin is gold plated and shows a scene of China (sample at right). Each coin is in a hard plastic case and the five coins lie in a removable wood tray lined with red flock in a hinged wood box with a goldtone woodgrain covering. This box fits in a colorful glossy cardboard slipcase. The coins, box, and entire presentation are absolutely gorgeous.

For shipping, the coins weigh 2 pounds and I will send them by USPS Priority Mail for my out-of-pocket cost. I'm not like some Internet sellers who build big profits into shipping and screw the buyer.

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