Set of 9 Jamaica Silver Coins ~ 1976 ~ BU

Set of 9 Jamaica Silver Coins ~ 1976 ~ BU
Set of 9 Jamaica Silver Coins ~ 1976 ~ BU

Set of 9 Jamaica Silver Coins ~ 1976 ~ Brilliant Uncirculated
This 9-coin 1976 Jamaica Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Specimen Set was minted by The Franklin Mint under authorization of the Jamaican government. This BU set of coins comes in a heavy red vinyl padded folder with information about the coins. The photos above are not so good becasue I did not want to remove the coins from the protective folder to scan them. The nine coins are as follows:
· Ten Dollars, Sterling Silver, Portrait of Admiral Horatio Nelson a naval hero in history (45mm dia)
· Five Dollars, .500 Fine Silver, Portrait of Norman W. Manley, Jamaica's first premier (42mm)
· One Dollar, Portrait of Sir Alexander Bustamante, first prime minister (38.61mm)
· Fifty cents, Portrait of political leader Marcus Garvey (30mm)
· Twenty-Five Cents, shows the Doctor Bird, one of the most beautiful hummingbird species (32.31mm)
· Twenty cents, depicts Three Blue Mahoe Trees (28.5mm)
· Ten cents, depicts Lignum Vitae, "Wood of Life" tree (23.39mm)
· Five cents, depicts a crocodile (19mm)
· One cent, depicts Ackee, a native edible fruit (21.08mm)

The Jamaican coat of arms appears on the reverse of each coin in the set. The central design element is a shield surmounted by a crocodile. The shield is flanked by Arawak Indians, who were the original inhabitants of the island. At the base of the coat of arms is Jamaica’s national motto, “Out of Many, One People” – a reflection of the multiracial composition of the country’s population.

Proof coins of this set are widely available as 22,900 sets were minted. However, due to financial difficulties, the government of Jamaica told the Franklin Mint to cut short the minting of the sets of Brilliant Unciculated coins. The result? Only 1,802 sets of BU coins were minted and they are far more difficult to find than the much more common proof sets. So this is one of those strange situations where a canceled stamp is worth more than a mint stamp or, in this case, a set of BU coins is worth more than a set of proof coins. Original issue cost of this set of coins was $80.00 + 7.95 shipping = $87.95. Here's your chance to get them for a fraction of that.

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