Ahl, Baumann, Koppin, Kiser, Gordon, Sell, Smith, Day Family Photos
Betsy Ahl at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
Betsy Ahl in Argentina
Betsy in China 11/04
Dave Ahl
Morristown, NJ
Betsy & Dave Ahl
Derek Ahl
Cape Neddick, ME
Darcy Ahl
Bristol, England
Darcy Ahl &
Matthew Sell
Detta Ahl
New York, NY
Detta Ahl
Muriel Ahl
(93 years old!)
Katy, the best darned cat in the whole world!
Bill Baumann
Maanshan, China!
Ellen Baumann
New Jersey
Ellen Baumann
Eric Day - NOT
Merry Day
Tad Gordon
Princeton, MO
Ellen Gordon
Andy Gordon - NOT
Sally Gordon - NOT
Teddy Gordon - NOT
Betty Kiser
Mendham, NJ
Frank Kiser
Ironia, NJ
Gordon Koppin
Wheaton, IL
Martha Koppin
Margie Koppin
Gordon Koppin
Shoshana Koppin
Lily Koppin (Dec. 2003)
Matthew Sell
Bristol, England
Wyatt Seton Sell, 6 weeks old
Arthur Smith
Bozman, MD
Penny Smith
Charlie Smith
Erik Smith
RPI, Troy, NY
Lizzie Smith
Shakira Smith (ferret)
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