From Mendham Hills Chapel, NJ, 26 people traveled to Guatemala to assist Potter's House in providing aid to 10,500 people who live around the Guatemala City Dump. August 3-7, 2005.

Mendham Hills Chapel group in front
of the Guatemala City Dump

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NJ to Guatemala Day 1, Aug 3, 2005. (photos)
Walking tour of Antigua, Guatemala Day 1, Aug 3, 2005. (photos)
Orientation & Community Welcome Day 2, Aug 4, 2005. (photos)
Around Potter's House & lunch Day 2, Aug 4, 2005. (photos)
Construction Projects Day 2-4, Aug 4-6, 2005. (photos)
Painting Project Day 2-4, Aug 4-6, 2005. (photos)
Helping the Potter's House staff Day 2-3, Aug 4-5, 2005. (photos)
Semilla - Our home away from home Day 1-5, Aug 3-7, 2005. (photos)
Lunch with the kids at Potter's House Day 3, Aug 5, 2005. (photos)
The Garbage Dump itself Day 4, Aug 6, 2005. (photos)
Sharing our faith with local families Day 4, Aug 6, 2005. (photos)
Community Farewell Ceremony Day 4, Aug 6, 2005. (photos)
Sunday church and goodbye lunch Day 5, Aug 7, 2005. (photos)
Antigua Four people stay for 1½ days longer. (NO photos, sorry)

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