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All are trade paperbacks (6 x 9, 8½ x 11, etc.) unless otherwise noted. All have been read just once (gently!) and are in like new condition. Price is in the first column. Packaging and postage via USPS Media Mail is a flat $2.00 for the first book and 50¢ for each additional book. I have only one of each title. To make sure you get what you want, you can e-mail me at SwapMeetDave@aol.com and I'll set aside the books you want and ship them upon receipt of your check or money order. I also accept Pay Pal to SwapMeetDave@aol.com (add 50¢ for PayPal commission). Send mail orders with check or M.O. to David Ahl, 12 Indian Head Road, Morristown, NJ 07960. Thank you!

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List price $6.95
SALE price $3.00

List price $6.95
SALE price $3.00

List price $6.95
SALE price $3.00

List $6.95, SALE $3.00

Only $1.50 for either book

Letters, memos, etc to get even. Very nasty and very funny. From UK. $6.00

Ingenious tricks for getting even after being cheated or wronged. $6.00

Martha Stewart is Better Than You.... Very funny all-color parody. $7.00

Is Martha Stewart Living? Another funny all-color parody. $6.00

Fantastic parody from the publishers of Spy! Great celeb photos. $6.00

With free hex nut! $3.00

Devinely feminine?! $2.00

Belly laughs here! $5.00

Real deals and ads. $4.00

Hundreds of old & new jokes. Hardcover. $3.00

Letters to & replies from the rich & famous. $3.00

More & funnier real letters & replies. $4.00

Astounding, true! $4.00

Off-color jokes, cartoons. $4.00

Yes, computers can be funny. Really! $6.00

Jokes, cartoons, stories. $5

Unbelievable satire. $3.00

Designed by kids. $5.00

Pocket size (3.5" square) truly funny book. SOLD

You can't lose! SOLD

The one and only! $4.00

Dating for real men. $2.50

All true stories. SOLD

The 1958 original! $8.00

New witty (and wise) book by Art Lee. $6.00
The Book of Failures
168 pages of human incompetence. SOLD
The Verse by the Side of the Road
All 600 Burma Shave roadside rhymes. SOLD
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
13 tales to bring tears of laughter (unless, of course, you believe in PC). SOLD
Comprehensive history originally published in 1940. Reprinted 1958. SOLD
Compendium of useless information with cartoon illus. $3.00

Additional books not pictured above. Lawyers and Other Reptiles
Sale Price, Title, Author, Year Published, Brief Description

Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys. 1995. 189 pages. $5.50
Lawyers and Other Reptiles II: The Appeal by Jess Brallier. 1996. Outrageous compendium of quotes, jokes, satire, and curses about lawyers. List $9.95, NEW. My price only $5.00!
101 Tall Tales. 1980. America's most high falutin' big talkin' knee slippin' golly whoppers. $2.00
The Trivia Encyclopedia ed by Fred Worth. Hardcover, 1974. 4500 entries in encyclopedic format. $3.00
Republican Party Reptile: Confessions, Adventures & Essays of P.J. O'Rourke. 1987. $3.00
The Great 1960s Quiz by Dan Carlinsky. You lived through it, but did you learn anything? 1978. SOLD
Your Own Joke Book, Geretrude Crampton, ed. 174 big pages of oldies but goodies. SOLD
Dare to be Dull by Joseph Troise. 1983. Home study, joys of being dull, travel for dull people, menus, quizzes. $2.00
The Experts Speak ed by Chris Cerf & V. Navasky. 1984. 390-pg compendium of authoritative misinformation. $5.00

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