MINT Royal Doulton Figurine - Janice - HN 2022
Royal Doulton Janice

Royal Doulton Janice Mint Royal Doulton Bone China Figurine - Janice - HN 2022.

Figurines by Royal Doulton fill a very special place in the minds of today's collectors. Figures in the HN series (named after Harry Nixon, the senior painter at the time) first started in 1913 and have been in continuous production ever since. Oddly, this 7.25-inch figurine is named "Janice" but it is meant to represent Lady Jane Grey, the young Queen who was beheaded to make way for Queen Mary in 1553. Designed by Margaret Davies with the official stamp underneath. It is in absolutely perfect mint condition, with no cracks, chips, or blemishes.

Designer: M. Davies. Produced 1949-1955, now discontinued. Made in England. In production for only a short period, today Janice is EXTREMELY RARE.