MINT Royal Doulton Figurine - Valerie - HN 2107
Royal Doulton Valerie

Royal Doulton Valerie Mint Royal Doulton Bone China Figurine - Valerie - HN 2107 - 1952.

This pretty young girl has a red skirt over a light pink apron with a darker pink underdress trimmed with green bows. Her blond curls peek out from under a white cap with a green bow. She is holding a single yellow rose. She has the official stamp underneath, which reads "Valerie, COPR 1952, DOULTON & CO. LIMITED..." It carries the hand lettered marks HN 2107 HL. This figurine stands 4.75 inches tall. She is in absolutely perfect mint condition, with no cracks, chips, or blemishes. Simply stunning. Made in England.

Designed: M. Davies. Produced 1953-1995, now discontinued.