1 Corinthians 11:2-16 - Instructions for Public Worship

In this section, Paul touches on three issues: 1) divisions in the church at Corinth, 2) marriage relationships, 3) proper attitudes and conduct in worship. Letís look at each one.

Divisions in the church

1. In Paulís time, Jewish women always covered their heads in worship. Greek women (Gentiles) did not. What was Paulís solution? What do you think of it?

2. Like a military chain of command, Paul lays out Godís lines of authority. What are they? (Verse 11:3)

Marriage Relationships

3. Paul emphasizes that a woman must not dishonor her husband (vs 5), she must reflect his glory (vs 7) and show that she is under his authority (vs 10). What do you think of this? What do you think a member of NOW would say to this?

4. The husband having authority over the wife implies that the wife must be submissive. Does bing submissive mean that the wife should surrender? Withdraw? Be apathetic? Does it mean she is inferior?

Proper attitudes and conduct in worship

5. In this section, Paulís main concern is irreverence in worship. This sometimes get lost in the discussion of covering oneís head and long and short hair, and lines of authority and submission. What is the central principle here? (Verses 4, 7)

6. Why does Paul mention that ďangels are watchingĒ in Verse 10?

7. Answer this next question bearing in mind that Paulís letter did, in fact, focus on some specific cultural issues of Corinth that do not apply today. How do people dishonor Christ in worship services today?

8. If you feel that people in a church are dishonoring God, what should you do?

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