1 Corinthians 13 - Love is the Greatest

This chapter is divided into three sections: the Importance of Love (verses 1-3), the Definition of Love (vs 4-8a), and the Permanency of Love (vs 8b-13).

1. What do the verses 1-3 say about the value of spiritual gifts? Paraphrase what Paul might have said to communicate the same truth with regard to your own spiritual gift(s).

2. What do each of verses 1-3 say about motivation? What are some false motivations that could lead a person to take the actions described in verse 3? How can we tell whether one’s motivation is really love?

3. Take the statements of verses 4 and 5 and describe how they would apply in one of the important relationships of your life.
        Love is:         Love is not:
Forgets being wronged
Jealous         Boastful
Proud           Rude
Irritable         Self-seeking

4. Take the statements of verses 6 and 7 and describe how they would apply in one of the important relationships of your life.
        Love:         Not Love:
Rejoices in the truth
Never gives up, endures
Never loses faith
Always hopeful
Rejoices in injustice
Gives up, does not endure
Loses faith
Selfish, expects something in return

5. What is the difference between lust and love?

6. Who has come the closest to living out these verses toward you personally? What factor(s) enabled that person to demonstrate such love for you? What changes do you need to experience to demonstrate this kind of love for others?

7. What is taught about spiritual gifts and eternity in verses 8-10?

8. On the basis of verse 11 and your own experience, what role does maturity have in one’s ability to love? Describe how mature love differs from childish love.

9. What does verse 12 teach you about Christian hope? (Hebrews 11:1) What are some things you “see in a mirror dimly” now that you someday hope to see more clearly?

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