1 Corinthians 14 - Tongues, Prophecy, Orderly Worship

1. What advantages or good results does Paul attribute to the gift of prophecy in verses 1-5? How do these advantages compare with the results of speaking in a tongue?

2. Summarize Paul’s point in verses 7-11 in your words. What problem(s) with speaking in tongues do these verses reveal?

3. The NRSV translates verse 12 to say “strive to excel in spiritual gifts for the building up of the church.” What spiritual gift(s) should you excel in for the building up of your church?

4. What does Paul say about the importance of the mind in worship according to verses 14-16? What application would you make for the way the mind is used and involved in worship today?

5. What concern for outsiders and unbelievers appear in these verses? What principle guides Paul’s instructions on this subject? How should we apply that same principle to our worship today?

6. How would someone today know that God is present in your local church? How would you summarize in a brief prayer what you would like God to do for your church in this area?

7. What is the central objective in Paul’s call for orderly worship in Verses 26 to 40?

8. Explain what the statement (Verse 33), “God is not a God of disorder, but of peace,” means to you in the context of the way you believe worship should be conducted.

9. What do you think Paul had in mind in the instructions for a woman to not speak in church in Verses 34-35? How does 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 influence your understanding of Verses 34-35?

10. What do you think Paul is doing in verses 37-38? Is it fair? Is it right? Would a similar strategy by a pastor in our time be appropriate? Why? or why not?

11. What do Verse 39-40 represent in the context of all of chapter 14? What application does Verse 40 have for contemporary worship?

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