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Quick & Flupke by Hergé

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The First 50 years (1930-1982)
      Although best known for the Adventures of Tintin, in the 30's Hergé also wrote a series of 310 short comic strips known as Quick et Flupke about two street urchins in Brussels. "Quick" was the name of a friend of Herge; "Flup" in Flemish is the diminutive for Philip and "ke" means little so Flupke means "little Philip." The two boys unintentionally cause trouble, often aggrivating their parents, neighbors, shopkeepers, and the police.
Le Pitit Vingtieme       The Quick & Flupke strips (called "gags" in Europe) were published in black and white on the pages of Le Petit Vingtième a weekly youth supplement to the conservative Catholic newspaper, Le Vingtième Siècle. The supplement, which included two pages of Tintin and two of Quick & Flupke, appeared every Thursday starting in January 1930 and continued until May 1940, when the Germans invaded Belgium. From time to time, the Quick & Flupke strips were gathered together in books, 5 in total of 88 to 96 pages each, titled les nouveaux exploits de Quick et Flupke, gamins de Bruxelles (The New Exploits of Quick and Flupke, the kids of Brussels). The first two books were published by the Editions du Petit Vingtième while the last three and all the subsequent books were published by the Casterman publishing house. Volume 1 (1930) was reprinted as a replica book in 2011, and two others have followed. Some of the strips were also republished in the 50's in Tintin magazine, conceived by Raymond Leblanc, this time colored by Studios Hergé.
      Hergé eventually abandoned Quick & Flupke in order to spend more time on The Adventures of Tintin, his more famous series. Over the years, most of the strips were colored by Studios Hergé and published in two series of books, both titled Les Exploits de Quick et Flupke by the Casterman publishing house. Series 1 (serie) was 10 books of 30 pages each published between 1949 and 1961. This series plus an additional volume 11 was reprinted in the mid to late 60's with solid color covers without background stars. Volume 11 (the scarcest) was again reprinted in 2015. Series 2 (recueil) was 6 volumes of 62 pages each published from 1975 to 1982. Covers from books in all three of the series are shown below. (Click on any image for a larger pic.)
Flupke points Quick Quick pulls Flupke
Tintin Magazine, 27 June 1951
Tintin Magazine 27 June 1951, #26 had Quick and Flupke on the cover and a 2-page strip inside.

Tintin Magazine, Dec 1950
21 Dec. 1950: Quick and Flupke cover and strip.

Herge Tintin Quick Flupke
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Quick & Flupke New Exploits #1 1930 Replica Edition Quick & Flupke New Exploits #2 Quick & Flupke New Exploits #3 Quick & Flupke New Exploits #4 Quick & Flupke New Exploits #5
5 books published 1930-1944, black & white, 88-96 pages each
Quick Flupke looking Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #1 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #2 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #3 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #4 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #5
Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #6 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #7 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #8 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #9 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #10 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #11
11 books published 1949-1960, reprinted late 60's, full color, 30 pages each
Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #2 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #5 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits #9
First printing (1949-60) had stars on the cover background, second printing had solid color covers
Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Collection #1 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Collection #2 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Collection #3 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Collection #4 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Collection #5 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Collection #6
6 books published 1975-1982, full color, 62 pages each

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Quick & Flupke Archives Herge Volume 2, 1978 Archives Hergé, Volume 2 (1978)
      In 1978, Casterman printed a 258-page large format hardcover book containing 8 black-and-white full-page comic strips (gags) of "Cet Amiable M. Mops" (The Amicable Mr. Mops). Flupke appeared in the last of these strips. The remainder of the book (pages 20-258) contains black-and-white reproductions of 120 single- and double-page Quick and Flupke strips. Many of these are the earlier strips and 23 of them do not appear in any of the later three series of books. The book has only two pages of text; the rest is devoted to reprints of the Mr. Mops and Quick & Flupke strips. Price of the book, when you can find it, ranges from 30€ to $200 or more.

Later Days and Re-releases (1985-1991)
      A few years later between 1985 and 1991, 253 of Hergé's strips were re-issued in 11 hardcover volumes, 48 pages each, published by Casterman. Interestingly, the first book in the new series, Haute Tension, is not by Hergé but by Johan de Moor, the son of Hergé's assistant Bob de Moor. It has an additional 23 strips, for a grand total of 276 in the 1985-91 series.

Click on any cover for a large view of the book.
Quick & Flupke Haute Tension
Haute Tension (September 1985).
High Tension.
Quick & Flupke Jeux Interdits
Jeux Interdits (September 1985).
Double Trouble.
Quick & Flupke Tout va bien
Tout va Bien (September 1985).
Two of a Kind.
Quick & Flupke Toutes Voiles Dehors
Toutes Voiles Dehors (1986).
Under Full Sail.
Quick & Flupke Chacun son tour
Chacun Son Tour (1986).
It's Your Turn.
Quick & Flupke Pas de Quartier
Pas de Quartier (January 1987).
Without Mercy.
Quick & Flupke Pardon, Madame
Pardon, Madame (January 1987). Excuse Me Ma'am.
Quick & Flupke Vive le progrès
Vive le Progrès (September 1987). Long Live Progress.
Quick & Flupke Catastrophe
Catastrophe (January 1988). Catastrophe.
Quick & Flupke Farces et Attrapes
Farces et attrapes (January 1989). Pranks and Jokes.
Quick & Flupke Coups de Bluff
Coups de Bluff (January 1990). Experts of Bluff.
Quick & Flupke Attachez vos Ceintures
Attachez vos ceintures (January 1991). Fasten Your Seat Belts.
      In 1987-88, partial Quick and Flupke strips also appeared in the French language magazine, Jouez (Play) as part of children's activities. The urchins were on the covers and they appeared in nine issues from September 1987 to the end of 1988. I can't seem to find any information about Jouez and it seems to have ceased publication in early 1989. Here are the covers on which Quick and Flupke appeared. Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine
Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine Quick & Flupke in Jouez magazine
      Also in 1988, the last four issues of Jouez (by Casterman) were published in Dutch for children in the Netherlands (Holland) and the north part of Belgium. The artwork is the same, but the subtitle on the cover appears in black type rather than colored script. Quick & Flupke Speelboek-1 Quick & Flupke Speelboek-2 Quick & Flupke Speelboek-3 Quick & Flupke Speelboek-4

Quick & Flupke 2-volume set, 2002 Quick & Flupke 2-volume set (2002)
      This two-volume hard cover boxed set (148 pages ea), contains a selection of strips (gags) in black and white with text comments. Reduced size (6" x 8.7"). Has the same material as the 1978 Archives book, but also includes 30 additional plates of strips or other illustrations from the 1930s. One section of comments is an analysis of the creative process of Hergé, the other describes the history of releases. The set was published in Nov. 2002; it is still in print and available for 50€ in France and Belgium but priced much higher elsewhere. French language, of course.

Quick & Flupke Panini Comics book, 2003 Quick & Flupke (2003)
      This reduced size (5.8" x 8.2") soft cover single volume of 206 pages contains 98 strips (gags) in black & white with a 4-page introduction. It has some of the same material as the 1978 Archives book, but with additional plates of strips from the 1930s. This was published in 2003 by Panini Comics. Although out of print, it generally available at very reasonable prices of 5€ to 10€ in France and Belgium.
Quick & Flupke Panini Comics book, 2003

Reprint of first 11 Les Exploits books (2011)
      In September, 2011, Casterman reprinted the Les Exploits de Quick et Flupke 1949-1960 series in two books. Volume 1 (182 pages) contains Serie 1 to 6 (1949-1954). Volume 2 contains Serie 7 to 11 (1956-1961) in 152 pages. Vol 1 has the same cover design as Serie 1 (1949) except it is pea green in color and in the lower right it reads, "1E VOLUME" rather than "1E SERIE." Vol 2 has the same cover as the reprint of Serie 7 (1967) and is also the same color yellow, but it has stars on it unlike the 1967 reprint. These books are currently in print and easy to mistake for one of the earlier volumes. Their list price is about 20€, but some unscrupulous sellers are listing them for 60€ or more.
Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Volume 1, 2011 Quick & Flupke Les Exploits Volume 2, 2011

Printed English Translations (1992-present)
      The first two 1985 series Quick & Flupke books by Hergé (Jeux Interdits and Tout va Bien) were translated into English by Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper and Michael Turner, who had previously translated the Tintin books. These two books, Double Trouble and Two of a Kind were published in 1992 in paperback (softcover) form by Mammoth, an imprint of Mandarin, which is part of Reed International Books. The text in the English volumes is lettered in a different style from both the French books and the other Hergé books in English.
Quick & Flupke Double Trouble
Double Trouble.
Mammoth, UK
Quick & Flupke Two-of-a-Kind
Mammoth, UK
Quick & Flupke Forbidden Games
Forbidden Games.
Euro Books, India
Quick & Flupke Everythings-fine
Everything's Fine.
Euro Books, India
Quick & Flupke Under Full Sail
Under Full Sail.
Egmont, UK, 2009
Quick & Flupke Fasten-seat-belts
Fasten Your Seat Belts. Egmont, UK, 2009

      In January 2008, Euro Books India (a subsidiary of Egmont, UK) released English translations in softcover form of all 11 titles that were originally written by Hergé. Currently, these are available only in India, although Egmont planned to gradually release them in the UK. Two of them (#4, Under Full Sail, and #12, Fasten Your Seat Belts), were released in 2009. Interestingly, these translations by David Radzinowicz are different from the India English translations, which are not attributed to any specific person. More books were to have been released in the UK in 2010-11, but none were. When will more be released outside of India? No one is saying.
      Interestingly, the first two books in the series were given different titles in the India release by Euro Books; Double Trouble was called Forbidden Games and Two of a Kind was renamed Everything's Fine (see images above). Go figure.

On-Line English Translations (2010-present)
      Several people, including me, have been translating Quick & Flupke strips and books into English. When the translations in India came out, we thought it was probably all wasted effort. However, one must consider two factors: 1) the India translations are not very good. Quick & Flupke strips often have a verbal gag in addition to the visual one and they've made no attempt to translate these. 2) the India books are not being made available outside of India. Thus, our translation efforts are proceeding apace. There is now a separate page devoted to on-line English translations. Check it out.

Obtaining Quick & Flupke Books
      You can buy Hergé's Tintin books in just about every large bookshop and from many on-line web sites. Not so with Quick & Flupke. For those, you're going to have to look far and wide, make some friends in Belgium, France, or India and pay some high shipping costs. For example, the English translations from Euro Books in India have a list price of 199 rupees (about $4.15) and can often be found at discounters for less than half of that. But most vendors will not ship them out of India. So by the time you find a guy in Australia who got them from India and is willing to send them to the USA, you wind up paying $25 or $30. This chart shows the range of prices I've found recently on eBay, Amazon, Abe Books, and other booksellers. Currently, one vendor, PrintsAsia, stocks and ships the Indian Euro Books from New York for $4.00 + $3.99 postage per book (no matter how many are in the order). Euro Books do not seem to be available in other English-speaking countries (UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc.)

Book or Book SeriesBelgium, FranceUKUSA
les nouveaus exploits (1930-40)190 - 985 € ea  
1930 Replica (facsimile) Editions (2011-14)16 - 19 €£17 - 25$27 - $46
Les Exploits (Serie 1-11, 1947-1960)10 - 180 € ea  
Les Exploits (Recueil 1-6, 1975-1982)5 - 28 € ea£19 and up$100 - $130 ea
Archives Hergé-2: Les Aventures de Monsieur Mops, Les Exploits de Quick et Flupke, 197818 - 80 €£40 - 120$140 - $200
French book series (12 vols, 1985-1991)2,5 - 10 € ea£6 - 9 ea$12 - $25 ea
Jouez magazine (1987-88)5 - 20 €  
Quick & Flupke 2-volume set (2002)45 - 50 €£40 - 90$115 - $140
Quick & Flupke, Panini Comics (2003)5 - 20 €£6 - 20 
Les Exploits Reprints (Volumes 1 & 2, 2011)19 - 60 €£20 - 29 ea$50 - $70
English Translations
Double Trouble, Mammoth, UK, 1992 £12 - 25$85 - $200
Two of a Kind, Mammoth, UK, 1992 £12 - 25$35 - $150
11-book series, Euro Books, India, 2008
    List price 199 rupees ea. (approx. $4.15)
  $6 - $30 ea
Under Full Sail, Fasten Your Seat Belts, Egmont, UK, 2009 £5 - 8 ea
List price: £6.99
$10 - $20 ea
PDF files, 4 books,, 20113,35 € for all 4£3.40 for all 4$5 for all 4

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