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jokes, funny photos, and cartoons. Hilarious Lawyer Jokes and Cartoons on a page NOT sponsored by a lawyer trying to suck you in. Warning: politically incorrect! Click on the image to pay a visit.
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www.ComicCats.com with
hundreds of photos, videos
and cartoons of funny cats
and cute kittens. Fun! Funny Cat & Cute Kitten Photos, Videos, Cartoons.

Click on image to go to a page of funny clean blonde jokes, pics & cartoons.Clean Blonde Jokes has hilarious humor, one-liners, cute cartoons, and funny photos about all those lovable dumb blondes. NO porn. NO annoying pop-up ads.
Free animation of soldier shooting machine gun
Military Humor Page.   No service favoritism: we poke fun at the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Forces, Airborne, and anyone who's ever been in uniform.
Types of Farts
Beefy ones, eggy, diesel, surprise, burble, SBD, videos, funny animations, more.

Powerful fart!
Click image for Senior Citizen
Jokes, Stories & Cartoons
Senior Citizen Humor

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Fun Pages of 13 Funny Photos, Crazy Cartoons, Bizarre Videos
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looney Automobile HoroscopeIs this the car for YOU?
Find out what vehicle you should be driving and get other valuable motoring and auto maintenance tips on our totally irreverant and politically incorrect vehicle horoscope page. Click on photo to pay a visit.
Hey, hey, hey, another page of crazy photos, bizarre billboards, weird signs, and funny stuff. Go for it!
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about tools, workshops, repairs,
do-it-yourself, automotive and
mechanical stuff.Handyman Humor!
For guys: Jokes & pics of tools, repairs, workshops, do-it-yourself, auto & mechanical stuff.
How They Make Those Funny Photos. Before and After. Altered Cats, Signs, Vehicles, More! NEW! CrossCLEAN
Religious, Church, Minister, and Bible
Jokes & Cartoons
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Funny Insurance Claims -
explanations and photosFunny Insurance Claims
Explanations and photos from actual insurance claim forms. Cars, trucks, pedestrians, dogs, cows. You can't make this stuff up!
Quick & Flupke running Quick & Flupke
Hergé is famous for Tintin, but he also wrote hundreds of Quick & Flupke 2-page comic strips. Take a look.
HERGE: Creator of Tintin; Quick & Flupke; Totor; Mr. Mops; Jo, Zette & Jocko, and many more!
Fred and Mile, Tim the Squirrel, Tom and Millie
Cameos of Herge, Tintin, Quick & Flupke, in other strips
Quick & Flupke toys, games, videos, stickers, jars, clothing
The Philately of Herge and Tintin (stamps, covers, etc)

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