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Christian, Inspirational, and Motivational Sites
* Beyond the Walls non-profit organization that helps people in need (after disasters, extreme poverty, inner city kids, etc.)
* Inverse Church. Bible-based Christian church in Flanders, New Jersey.
* Christian search engine, chat, graphics, music, e-cards, jobs, links, reviews & more!
* Promise Keepers. Info about upcoming events, resources, and news.
* Daily Christian Quote plus a huge library of quotes indexed by subject and author.
* Bible Quizzes and Games. Trivia, crosswords, codewords, word searches, puzzles, and other Bible fun.
* Practical Bible Studies. Books of the Bible, Jesus' Parables, Aspects of character, many more.
* Andie's Isle A fantastic site with graphics/music blessings, 9/11 remembrance, Liberty anthem, prayer for America, holiday greetings, interesting links. You'll love this site!
* Christian Directory of resources, shareware, classifieds, job board, online games, dating service.

Cat Washing Face Animation Cats, Kittens, and Matters Feline
* 200+ funny cat photos, videos, cartoons, images, and vintage comics.
*Cats for Kids Resource Guide Learning about cats, finding a cat, etc. Fun and useful.
* Breed profiles, fun games, health care, large directory of links.
*The Cat Gallery Wonderful art gallery of famous artist's cats by Eva Riser-Roberts.
*Edmonton Cat Fanciers Club. Age conversion chart, photos (look at RamJet!), show info.
*CATSUP, Home of Siamese cats Spock and Dracs. Stories, pics, artwork, more.
*CatStuff by Glenda Moore. Graphics, pics, games, software, photos, cartoons.
*Lisa's Cat Lovers' Pages Pics, quotes, graphics, animations, lots o' links, even an on-line jigsaw puzzle.
* Unique cat, dog, products make your best friends feel pampered, loved, comfortable.
*Mango Madness is a photo review of a rambunctious Abyssinian cat, his family and friends.
*Cat Chat. Wonderful cat rescue and rehoming site in the UK. Lots of info and links.
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At Computer Humor, Jokes and Related Sites
*Knock-knock jokes Also Riddle and Joke of the day and lots more. Good fun!
*Museum of Hoaxes Urban legends, April Fool's jokes, college pranks, scientific tomfoolery, etc. with fun quizzes from 750 A.D. to the present day.
* 100s of pages of clean jokes about animals, autos, blondes, bloopers, computers, hunting, grandparents, rednecks, much more. WTC and patriotic pages too!
*Quick & Flupke by Herge Complete background of these two 1930s Belgian street urchins, covers of all 45 books, and English translations.
*Darwin Awards Honoring those who improve the gene pool by removing themselves from it.
*Clumsy Crooks Funny real-life crime stories and pictures.
*Fartifacts - The Fart Site Fart videos, fart games, fart pictures and farts galore!
*Clean Jokes 4 U Pages and pages of tasteful, clean jokes. And they're funny!
*HumorLinks UK Site with zillions of links to other humour sites.
*Too Funny Jokes Funny jokes, funny pictures and fun stuff.
*Al Lowe's Humor Site has loads of great jokes, pics, and videos. From the creator of Leisure Suit Larry.
*123 Free animated on-line greeting cards for traditional & unusual occasions.
*Oz Huge site of jokes, funny photos, and humour from down under (Australia).
*Free Fun Greetings Collection of Free E-cards, Fun pages and Funny Pictures.
*Foxtrot Comic Strip. Jason, Paige, Peter, Roger, and Andy--you know 'em and love 'em.
*The Onion. Parody humor: political, satirical, and irreverent.
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Military Vehicles, Militaria, Automotive & Computer Parts
*Military Transport Ass'n of North Jersey. One of the largest and most active MV clubs in the U.S.
*Military Vehicle Preservation Ass'n. Two magazines, reserach archives, annual convention, ads.
Vickers tank *Military Vehicles Magazine. Subscribe, place an ad, or check out the latest issue.
* Very comprehensive site of photos, info, sources, links, much more.
*Association of the US Army Voice for the Army - Support for the soldier.
* Sim-Fire 50 Cal machine guns, unusual military stuff, rent a HMMWV, more.
*Spruce Mt Surplus. Great bargains on all kinds of military surplus from tools to trucks.
*Colemans Surplus. Huge on-line surplus store: hunting & camping gear, vehicles, parts, paint, etc.
* Surplus Computer Parts: Buy, Sell, Trade, Broker, and Recycle. Military surplus too.
*Israel Army Surplus Store Original IDF Military Products - Body Armor, Web Gear, Israel Army T-Shirts, Insignia, Barets, Memorabilia.
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Vintage Computers and Video Games
*DigiBarn Computer Museum. Fabulous collections (computers, parts...), stories, discussion groups, links, more.
*AW Software. Basic Computer Games, free downloads. Look at "Amaze!" a great windows screen saver.
*Donate a Laptop. Donate a laptop to a student from Guatemala. Great use for that older computer.
*Kevin Savetz Site. Interesting articles, archives of Creative Computing and many Atari magazines.
*Vintage Computer Festival. Celebration of computers and their history. Great on-line VCF Gazette.
*David Lubar. Writer of children's books (Hidden Talents, Dunk, Monster Road), game designer (Worm War, Frogger 2, etc.) and old friend.
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Postage Stamp
First Day Covers, Patriotic Covers, and Stamp Collecting
*American Philatelic Society. Comprehensive site for both beginning and advanced collectors.
*Herge and Tintin. Stamps, souvenir sheets, postcards, covers, and labels issued in honor of Herge's comic characters.
*Stamp Collecting and philately for kids and adults alike. Loads of excellent articles.
*Covers at Discount FDCs, WWII patriotics, postal history, navals, polar covers cheap.
*Stamp Collecting Tips Helpful blog for beginning and novice stamp collectors.
*Virtual Stamp Club. Stamp news, stories, answers to questions, chat forums, links.
*AFDCS. The American First Day Cover Society for collecting all kinds of philatelic covers.
*USCS. Universal Ship Cancellation Society: history of ships, launchings, events, maritime mail, more.
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An Eclectic Mix
*Community of Seniors sharing ideas, experiences, and advice. Also "How I Survived Retirement" humorous videos.
*Intelligence Test Free 33-question quiz is great fun, different from others.
*Satan's Laundromat. Huge photolog of the real NYC—beautiful, seedy, nitty-gritty.
*Bornagain Custom Contractors Outstanding, honest firm for remodeling, additions, landscaping in Northern NJ.
*Summit Tailors The very finest suits and custom clothing in Northern NJ.
*American Workbench Custom workbenches for all your projects in wood working, model building, electronics, and more.
*The Smoking Gun. Authentic, confidential, quirky documents about arrests, court cases, etc.
*Interactive Voice Response. Want to get a human on the phone? Here's how for hundreds of companies.
*Strategic Forecasting. Predictive, insightful global intelligence. Some free, some not.
*DebkaFile Israeli-based raw intelligence site with hundreds of ground reporters/spies.
*Strategy Military affairs, armed forces, wars, hot spots, news & rumors worldwide.
*Japanese Translator See what your name looks like in Japanese and how it is pronounced.
*All Your Base Are Belong to Us. Spectacular Shockwave video based on Engrish phrase from the Tribal War online game. At the homepage, click on Video 1 and then any selection in the center. Be patient; it takes a while to load.
*On a Rock in Rural Iowa. Photos of a fantastic huge rock painted by Ray Sorensen II honoring veterans, POWs, and MIAs.
*'Healing Field' of 3,031 Flags in Sandy, Utah to honor those who died in the terroriat attacks of 9/11.
*Unbelievable Clock! I won't give this away by describing it. You've got to check out this clock!
*Backwoods Home Magazine Practical ideas for self-reliant living.
*Starcrost Productions New classic rock 'n roll music, reggae, country rock, and more of Peter Cross - all available as free MP3 downloads - complete songs, not just samples.
*My Discount Tools Home improvement shopping, information, projects, techniques, and safety tips.
* Live traffic camera sites aren't for everyone and most cams refresh only once per 60 to 120 sec to conserve bandwidth. But many put out live video such as:100+ locations in New York City: video & stills or Delaware Highways: 79 locations or Traffic cams in 7 California cities. Mind-numbing.
*W3C Validation Service. Check your web code against W3C standards. Get a seal of approval.
*HTML Tidy On-Line Clean up your web pages with Dave Raggett's great program.
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