Healing Field of 3031 Flags honors 9/11 victims
3031 Flags honor 9/11 victims

Click for a salute to our military
A Salute to the Military!


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United We Stand - God Bless America - Salute to the Military - America Honor God - Military Jokes & Stories (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) - 3031 Flags Honor 9/11 Victims - Ted Nugent Sounds Off - Classic Military Vehicle Magqazine - Military Book Bargains - Restoring a Dodge M37 - Is Military Pay Too Low? - Public Prayer at Sporting Events, Yes or No? - Military Vehicles Magazine - The New (Politically Incorrect) School Prayer - Life and Beer - How to Manage Your Money - In God We Trust - Principles of Investing - Where Was God on 9/11? - Jesus at the Beach - Patriotic Photo Gallery - And much, much more!

Click to see pics and cost of restoring
a Dodge M37 from the ground up
Pics and cost of restoring a Dodge M37 from the ground up.

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Back Issues of Military Vehicle Magazine

Read my columns from
Over There column from Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

MTA Parade and Rally pics
Photos of military vehicles in parades, rallies, and shows.

Soldier blowing bugleSOUND OFF!
Is military pay too high?
Veteran's good thoughts about life
Jesus at the beach
Jesus at the beach.
Fantastic sand sculptures!
Fantastic sand sculptures!
Click for text and photos on
where was God on 9/11?
Click to read
Click to read the new
(politically incorrect)
school prayer.
Warning: Politically Incorrect
Bible Studies for men
How to Manage Your Money: Practical tips from a Christian perspective
16 Principles of Investing: Down-to-earth information you won't find elsewhere
Human Being Recall Notice
Click on photo to visit our
United We Stand photo gallery
United We Stand
Photo Gallery

Free animation of soldier shooting machine gun
Military Humor Page.   No service favoritism: we poke fun at the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Forces, Airborne, and anyone who's ever been in uniform.
Life and BeerPhilosophy of life and beer, beer drinker trouble shooting, Darwin theory.
Pray without ceasing --
or cease praying?
Public prayer at sporting events -- yes or no?

Pile of booksFOR READERS!
Quiz: match hero with author
Military Book Bargains

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