Jesus at the Beach

Below are photos of three of the fantastic sand sculptures of Randy Hofman on the beach at Ocean City, Maryland. Randy creates a new sand sculpture each day as the ocean tides wash away the previous one. The artwork is absolutely awesome and is seen by thousands of people every day. Can you imagine the talent and fortitude needed to create a new sculpture every day, knowing that it is just going to be washed away? Incredible!

A "Jesus at the Beach Christian Music Festival" is held at Ocean City each year in late July or early August (call 410-289-1296 for more information). Here you can join others for praise, evangelism, and fellowship at the convention center from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day and for music on the beach at N. Division St. each evening from 7 to 10 p.m. Gary Steger, director of Sun'Spot Ministries, which organizes Jesus at the Beach, makes a practice of not announcing the names of musicians and ministries which will participate in the evening meetings. This way, he says, glory goes only to Jesus and not to men or ministries. He acknowledged that some are local groups and some are well-known recording stars.

At the beach
Beach ministries at the sand pile. Summer 2002.

Jesus on the cross

The last supper
The last supper.

Face of compassion
"Face of compassion."

'Jesus came back to life'
"After three days, Jesus came back to life."

To view more of Randy's sand sculptures and paintings, learn more about the man, or buy something
from his gift shop, click here to visit Randy's web site at
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