Dave Ahl’s Photo & Story Albums
You'll find a wide variety of stuff here. Photo albums from travel and cruises to unusual places like Namabia, Estonia, Ghana, Iceland, Jordan, UAE, Oman, Hebrides, the Rhine and many more. Car, truck, and military vehicle shows. Missions trips to Guatemala, Jordan, and Israel. Parades in New Jersey and New York City. Movie and TV shoots for Blue Bloods, Law & Order, Elementary, Unforgettable, and many more. Family stuff in Stroud, Bristol, and Oxford, England. NASCAR races, Punkin Chunkin, Bletchley Park (WWII code breaking center), DARPA autonomous vehicle competition, college reunions—you just won't believe the stuff on these pages. Some are just photos, but most of the recent ones have a short story to go with the photos. So just click on the album that you would like to view. And have fun!
Unforgettable TV Show Unforgettable TV Show. Shoot of several scenes at the old Pfizer factory in Brooklyn. May 2014.       Babylon Fields TV Pilot Babylon Fields TV Show. Shoot of roadblock scene in West Hempstead, NY. March 2014.
Elementary TV Show Plane Crash Elementary TV Show. Shoot of airplane crash episode on Atlantic Beach, NY. September 2012.       Dinner in Tallinn, Estonia The Baltics: Vilnius, Lithuania; Riga, Latvia; Tallinn, Estonia. Quick trip. October 2012.
Namibia desert-adapted elephant Namibia western deserts: Oryx, elephants, springboks, rock badgers, Himba, Damara, more. June 2012.       40, yes, count them, 40 albums of photos from 2009 to 2014: UK, Middle East, Guatemala, More!.
Jordan and Israel missions and sightseeing trip. 8 mini-albums. October 2009.       Synecdoche, New York, a zany movie shoot, June 25, 2007 (39 photos).
River cruise on Danube, Main, and Rhine Rivers - April 29-May 12, 2007 (390 photos).       My new 2003 Lexus SC430. Vroooom... (24 photos).
Trip to Africa: Senegal, Botswana, Ghana, March 26-April 5, 2007 (350 photos).           Punkin Chunkin World Championship, Sussex Co., DE, Nov. 4, 2006 (29 photos).
Cruise to Iceland, Norway, Hebrides, Shetland, Ireland, July, 2006 (138 photos).       NASCAR race, Dover, DE, June 4, 2006 (16 photos).
Oxford, UK, with Wyatt (16 mos old) May, 2006 (61 photos).       Veteran's Day Parade, NYC, Nov. 11, 2003 (28 photos).
Cruise to Bermuda, October 18-24, 2003 (52 photos).       Military Vehicles at the ATHS Show, Sept. 7, 2003 (9 photos).
Missions Trip to Guatemala City Garbage Dump, August, 2005.       Military Vehicles at the Lead East Show, August 31, 2003 (7 photos).

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