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Quick & Flupke Products: Toys, calendars, stickers, games, postcards, jars, T-shirts, mini books, videos, flyers, posters.

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Quick & Flupke with slingshot

Books, Calendars and Printed Materials
Quick & Flupke Mini books
Two series of mini books were published (approx 20 books in total). Each 16-page 7x9 cm mini-book contains one 2-page comic strip from one of the Les Exploits books.
Quick & Flupke Telemoustique Mini book
Mini book with the gag strip, Le Moustique (the Mosquito), from Vive Le Progres was included as a supplement to the magazine Telemoustique.
Quick & Flupke Telemoustique Mini book
Quick & Flupke Speelboek-1Quick & Flupke Speelboek-2
Quick & Flupke Speelboek-3Quick & Flupke Speelboek-4
Series of 4 Speelboeks (Dutch for game books).
Quick & Flupke My Friends in Class Book
Blank scrapbook,
"My Friends in Class."
Quick & Flupke Environment book
Cover page of a book on the
environment by I.B.G.E. - 1995
Quick & Flupke Recycling flyer
Cover page of a recycling flyer.
Panini magazine #11 Quick & Flupke
Panini Magazine No. 11
Quick & Flupke 1938 Calendar
Top of 1938 calendar for
Le Petit Vingtieme magazine.

Quick & Flupke Calendar
Top piece of calendar -
44 x 38 cm.
Quick & Flupke Book Protector
Book protector wraps around book.
Quick & Flupke Book Protector
Detail of book protector.
Quick & Flupke Catholic Scout Calendar 1939
Catholic Scout Calendar 1939.

Notebook cover
Notebook Cover.
Quick & Flupke Calendar-1988
1988 Calendar for
Jouez magazine.

Audio ~ Video ~ Tapes, DVDs, Records, etc.
Quick & Flupke DVD - Coups de Bluff
DVD - Coups de Bluff.
Quick & Flupke DVD - Tout va Bien
DVD - Tout va Bien.
Quick & Flupke DVD - Jeux Interdits
DVD - Jeux Interdits.
Quick & Flupke DVD - Jeux Interdits
Jeux Interdits disk.
Quick & Flupke DVD set of 3
DVD set of 3.
Quick & Flupke Video Opening
Video opening title scene.

Right: VHS videotapes by Banjo
and Action Video (2001)
Quick & Flupke VHS tape - Tout va Bien
VHS - Tout va Bien.
Quick & Flupke VHS tape - Jeux Interdits
VHS - Jeux Interdits.
Quick & Flupke VHS tape - Coups de Bluff
VHS - Coups de Bluff.
Quick & Flupke VHS tape - Coups de Bluff
Coups de Bluff.
Quick & Flupke 45-rpm record
Quick & Flupke 45-rpm record
Quick & Flupke Viewmaster Reels
Quick & Flupke Viewmaster Reels

Toy Figures, Puppets, and Pins
Quick Figure
Quick - Resin figure.
Flupke Figure
Flupke - Resin figure by Bully, 5.2 cm, 1986.
Officer 15 figure
Officer 15 Figure.
Officer 15 figure
Officer 15 front.
Quick & Flupke jumping
Quick & Flupke Jumping.
Quick & Flupke Figures
Singing on roller skates.
Quick & Flupke Figures
Walking together.
Figures for Vendetta
Figures for the Flupke comic strip, "Vendetta."
Quick & Flupke marionettes Left:
Single string
very simple
of Quick &
Officer 15 figure
Officer 15 Marionette.
Officer 15 figure
Officer 15 side.
Officer 15 enamel pin
Enamel pin - Officer 15.
Quick & Flupke marionettes An updated set of single string marionettes of Quick & Flupke were produced some years later (1980s?). The figures are somewhat more realistic and have more detail. Officer 15 (above) was probably in this second release. Quick marionette Flupke marionette

Jigsaw Puzzles, Games, Marbles, etc.
Quick & Flupke Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle, 33x49 cm, 126 pieces.
Quick & Flupke Jigsaw Puzzles
4 mini jigsaw puzzles, 4, 6, 9, 12 pieces, 18x18 cm, 2002.
Quick & Flupke Marbles
Quick & Flupke Marbles
Quick & Flupke Marbles
and more Marbles.
Quick & Flupke Game of Goose
Game of Goose by Domex, 1986.
Tintin board game with Quick & Flupke
Tintin Snakes & Ladders Game from 1950s has many Herge characters: Quick, Flupke, Jo, Zette, etc.
Tram cutout with Quick & Flupke
Cardboard tram cutout has Quick, Flupke, and Officer 15 riding the tram. (See photo of assembled tram below.)

Stickers and Plaques
Quick & Flupke Chocolate stickers

Quick & Flupke Chocolate stickers
Quick & Flupke Chocolate stickers Quick & Flupke Chocolate stickers

Stickers from Jacques
Chocolate bars,
several series,
7.2 x 4.1 cm.
Quick & Flupke Running sticker
Sticker, Casterman, 11 x 8 cm, 1987.
Officer 15 enamel plaque
Enamel plaque.
Quick & Flupke on sled sticker
Sticker, Casterman.
Casterman advertisement of all Quick & Flupke books
Sticker, Quick & Flupke books
Sheet of 6 Quick & Flupke stickers
Sheet of 6 Quick & Flupke stickers.

Jars, Pouches and Containers
Quick & Flupke Glass Jar
Glass jars by Kraft Foods (1987).
Quick & Flupke Glass Jar
18 cm high x 9 cm dia.
Quick & Flupke Glass Jar
Designs in blue and red.
Quick & Flupke Pouch
Foam-lined zipper pouch
Quick & Flupke Bowl
Bowl for cereal, ice cream, etc.
Quick & Flupke Bowl
Now Flupke's driving!
Quick & Flupke Mug
Cocoa or coffee mug

T-shirts, Sweaters, Clothing, and Towels
Quick & Flupke Sweaters Quick & Flupke Shirts Flupke T-shirt
Quick & Flupke Sweater Top left: lightweight sweater/sweatshirt.
Center: long-sleeve shirts.
Right: Flupke T-shirt.

Left: short sleeve sweatshirts.
Below: sleeveless sweater.
Right: two hand towels.
Quick & Flupke Sweaters
Flupke Towel Flupke Towel

Posters, Notices, Postcards, Greeting Cards, and Related Items
King Baudouin Foundation Poster,
Poster for the King Baudouin Foundation to improve living conditions; established in 1976
on the 25th anniversary of his reign.
King Baudouin Foundation Poster,
All Herge characters were on the poster including Quick & Flupke.
Poster: Waste Will Win
Environmental Poster: "Waste Will Win"
Poster: Win Bichoc surfboard
Poster: Win a Bichoc surfboard
Quick & Flupke Postcards
Packets of postcards
Quick & Flupke Postcards
Booklet of postcards
Quick & Flupke Postcards
Booklet of postcards
Postcard by Sterin
Humorous postcard "The Rocket" by Nicolas Sterin
Greeting card 1940
Greeting Card, 1940.
Christmas Card 1964 Christmas card detail 1964
Left: Studios Herge 1964 Christmas card. As usual, the Thom(p)sons have screwed up.
Above: Detail from upper right of card shows Jo, Zette, Jocko, Flupke, and Quick.
Right: card in color.
Christmas Card 1964 - color
Xmas illus 1937 Le Ving Siecle
1937 Christmas illustration for Le Ving Siecle.
Belgian Postal card
Belgian postal card, 2005, shows Quick & Flupke illustration from the strip "a chacun son tour," which appeared in Tintin magazine, 1947, and in three books.
Cigar bandsCigar bands. Assembled Tram
Assembled Tram (see above).

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