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WWII Patriotic Postal Covers
Unusual Cancels and Postmarks

        This is a group of 92 covers with cancels from places that tie in to the cachet or to the war effort. Most of the cachets are Minkus and Boone, although we note others by Staehle, Davis, Poppenger, Buxton, and others. Some of the tie ins are very clever such as Angels, PA on a cover honoring nurses, Economy, IN on a cachet urging the purchase of war bonds, Harbinger, NC on a Germany surrenders cover four months before the surrender, and Loco, OK on two hillbilly-designs. The covers are listed in alphabetical order.
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Alert, IN
C01. Alert, IN. Richardson, SOLD
Allgood, AL
C02. Allgood, AL. Boone, SOLD
America, IL
C03. America, IL. Minkus, SOLD
Angels, PA
C04. Angels, PA. Poppenger, $6.00
Arsenal, AR
C05. Arsenal, AR. Buxton, $6.00
Battle Ground, IN
C06. Battle Ground, IN. Amer Patriotic Press, $6.00
Berlin, NH
C08. Berlin, NH. Staehle/Fleetwood, SOLD
Bluejacket, OK
C09. Bluejacket, OK. Minkus, SOLD
Boom, TN
C93. Boom, TN ties to cachet label, unique, $15.00
Breedi, WI
C10. Breedi, WI. Boone, funny cachet, SOLD
China, ME
C11. China, ME. Very unusual, SOLD
Church Hill, MD
C12. Church Hill, MD. Unknown, SOLD
Church Hill, MD
C13. Church Hill, MD. Minkus, SOLD
Church Hill, MD
C14. Church Hill, MD. Minkus, $6.00
Devils Tower, WY
C15. Devils Tower, WY. Zunks, SOLD
Doolittle, IN
C16. Doolittle Mills, IN. Poppenger, SOLD
Eagle, ID
C17. Eagle, ID. Minkus, SOLD
Eagle, CO
C18. Eagle, CO. Minkus, SOLD
England, AR
C19. England, AK. Minkus, SOLD
England, AR
C20. England, AR. Minkus, SOLD
Economy, IN
C21. Economy, IN. Boone, SOLD
Faith, NC
C22. Faith, NC. Ralph Davis, $6.00
Fisher, IL
C23. Fisher, IL. Kosko, $6.00
Flag, AR
C24. Flag, AK. Minkus, SOLD
Forty Four, AR
C25. Forty Four, AR. Boone, $6.00
Freedom, NY
C26. Freedom, NY. Minkus, SOLD
Freedom, IN
C27. Freedom, IN. Poppenger, SOLD
Freedom, ME
C28. Freedom, ME. Staehle, July 4, SOLD
Freedom Sta, OH
C29. Freedom Sta, OH. Minkus, SOLD
Gala, VA
C30. Gala, VA. Brenn, $6.00
Gala, VA
C31. Gala, VA. Boone, SOLD
Goodwill, WV
C32. Goodwill, WV. W Smith, $6.00
Harbinger, NC
C33. Harbinger, NC. Boone, $6.00
Halsey, OR
C34. Halsey, OR. Abel, SOLD
Industry, IL
C35. Industry, IL. Minkus, SOLD
Japan, NC
C36. Japan, NC. Poppenger, SOLD
Lash, PA
C37. Lash, PA. Boone, scarce, SOLD
Lead, SD
C38. Lead, SD. Boone, $6.00
Liberty, IL
C39. 'Liberty' reads as part of cachet design. Harrington, SOLD
Liberty, TN
C40. Liberty, TN. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, TN
C41. Liberty, TN. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, SC
C42. Liberty, SC. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, NC
C43. Liberty, NC. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, NC
C44. Liberty, NC. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, MS
C45. Liberty, MS. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, MS
C46. Liberty, MS. Minkus, SOLD
Liberty, NC
C47. Liberty, NC. Ralph Davis, $6.00
Licking, MO
C48. Licking, MO. Amer Pat, SOLD
Light, AR
C49. Light, AR. Minkus, SOLD
Loco, OK
C50. Loco, OK. Boone, clever, SOLD
Loco, OK
C51. Loco, OK. Boone, SOLD
Lookout, ME
C52. Lookout, ME. Insignia stamps, SOLD
Lost Nation, IA
C53. Lost Nation, IA. Minkus, SOLD
Love, VA
C54. Love, VA. Boone, $6.00
Love, VA
C55. Love, VA. Boone, $6.00
Love, VA
C56. Love, VA. Boone, SOLD
Luxemburg, IA
C57. Luxemburg cachet (Poppenger), cancel, and stamp, $12.00
Luxemburg, WI
C58. Luxemburg, WI. Poppenger, $7.00
MacArthur, WV
C59. MacArthur, WV. Boone, SOLD
MacArthur, WV
C60. MacArthur, WV. Ralph Davis, SOLD
Military, NY
C61. Military, NY. IPEU, $6.00
Newfoundland, NJ
C62. Newfoundland, NJ (honors 1st troops to Newfoundland, 1/15/41), SOLD
Noble, OH
C63. Noble, OH. Minkus, SOLD
Old Glory, TX
C64. Old Glory, TX. Zunks, Flag Day 1941, scarce early patriotic, $12.00
Old Glory, TX
C65. Old Glory, TX. American Patriotic Press, $6.00
Pep, NM
C66. Pep, NM (pencil outline), Risinger, SOLD
Poland, OH
C67. Poland, OH. Minkus, SOLD
Poland, ME
C68. Poland cachet (Jankowski), cancel, and stamp, $12.00
Pray, MT
C69. Pray, MT. Samuel Avy, scarce, $8.00
Premium, KY
C70. Premium, KY. Boone, $6.00
Rising Sun, IN
C71. Rising Sun, IN. Poppenger, SOLD
Rising Sun, IN
C72. Rising Sun, IN. Linto, virulent, SOLD
Roosevelt, LA
C73. Roosevelt, LA. Ralph Davis, $6.00
Russia, OH
C74. Russia, OH. Minkus, SOLD
Russia, OH
C75. Russia, OH. Minkus, SOLD
St Patrick, MO
C76. St Patrick, MO. Minkus + rubber stamp, nice, SOLD
Soldier, PA
C77. Soldier, PA. Zunks, Armistice Day, 1944, $25.00
Solomon, MD
C78. Solomon, MD. Runge, very unusual, $15.00
Story, WY
C79. Story, WY. Boone, interesting tie-in to cachet, $6.00
Strong, ME
C80. Strong, ME. Combat insignia stamps, nice, SOLD
Victory, KY
C81. Victory, KY. Zunks, Nat'l Aviation Day, 1941, pre-war, scarce, $12.00
Victory, VT
C82. Victory, VT. Eichenlaub, seldom seen, SOLD
Victory, VT
C83. Victory, VT. Fleetwood/D. Knapp, unaddressed, nice, SOLD
Victory, WI
C84. Victory, WI. Dime Store Env, $6.00
War, WV
C85. War, WV. Citrut, scarce, SOLD
War, WV
C86. War, WV. Minkus, SOLD
War, WV
C87. War, WV. Pent Arts, $8.00
War Eagles, WV
C88. War Eagles, WV. Minkus, SOLD
Warrior, AL
C89. Warrior, AL. Minkus, SOLD
Warrior, AL
C90. Warrior, AL. Minkus, SOLD
Warrior, AL
C91. Warrior, AL. Buxton, $6.00
Win, KY
C92. Win, KY. Sadworth, thermo-
graphed, $12.00
White Bird, ID
C94. White Bird, ID ties into label cachet, unique, $15.00

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