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Sweden ~ First Flight Stockholm to Bangkok ~ Oct 1949
Sweden ~ First Flight Stockholm to Bangkok ~ Oct 1949
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Sweden ~ First Flight Stockholm to Bangkok ~ Oct 1949
This is a fascinating little piece of airmail postal history. It's an aerogramme (or aerogram), which a friend of my aunt who lived in Stockholm dispatched on the first flight from Stockholm to Bangkok. On the left of the aerogram is printed, “Aerogram godkant av kungl generalpoststyrelsen befordras for 30 ore med flyg over hela varlden,” which means “Aerogram approved by the Royal General Board as forwarded mail for 30 ore by air over the whole world.” The piece bears a 30-ore stamp honoring the UPU, Michel 353, that had just come out a month earlier on 9/10/49. The text in the pictorial cancel reads, “Forsta direkta flygningen, Stockholm - Bangkok, 2610.49,” which means “First direct flight, Stockholm - Bangkok, 10/26/49.” The aerogram is addressed in French to “Poste Restante, Bangkok, Thailand” which means “General Delivery.”

Of course, my aunt was not in Thailand to pick up the envelope so her friend had typed on the back the notation, “Return to sender in 4 days,” and that's exactly what the Bangkok G.P.O. (General Post Office) did. The address on the face was obliterated with a purple rubber stamp which read, “Retour a l'expediteur” meaning “Return to Sender.” The piece was dispatched from the Bangkok G.P.O. to NYC on 10/31/49 exactly as directed and the only thing one might wish for would be a receiving cancel from the New York City P.O.

The piece is in perfect condition: no folds, tears, or discoloration. It measures 3.5" x 5.4". This unique item can be yours for only $10.00 postpaid!