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Hand-made Covers by Hideaki Nakano ~ 1980-1989

        On this page you will find 69 oversize First Day Covers and event covers hand made by Hideaki Nakano. Most HNLP covers are large (6" x 9" or bigger), odd shaped, fold-out, fold-in, made with stickers, jigsaw puzzles, origami, etc. and often include "mechanical" devices that pop up, rotate, move, slide, and interlock. They were made in extremely limited editions of 10 to 50. The covers are very unusual and have many themes: humorous, bizarre, protest, political commentary, X-rated, etc.
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        HNLP (Nakano) covers are sold mainly at cover auctions and are rarely stocked by dealers. At recent McCusker auctions, prices ranged from $15 to $60 and higher. My discount prices here (bottom of page) were way under typical auction prices.

The Entire Collection of Covers by Hideaki Nakano is SOLD !

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Click on any image to see the cover full size. To order, specify Nakano (HNLP) cover number.
Nakano 09
09-Election & Inauguration day
11/4/80 & 1/20/81
Nakano 09
15-AAPEX & Last Detroit
River Boat Run
Nakano 09
Proofs of political designs: 7
different proof sheets
Nakano 09
16-Everett Dirksen stamp FDC
Nakano 17
17-Inauguration Day - Reagan
Nakano 19
19-American Hostages Freed
Nakano 20
20-Inauguration Day, 1/20/81
Nakano 27
27-18c flag (sheet & coil) FDC
Nakano 28
28-President Reagan shot
Nakano 32
32-Roses block of 4 FDC
Nakano 42
42-Wildlife Habitats block FDC
Nakano 44
44-Canadian Postal Strike
Nakano 47
47-Alcoholism pair FDC
Nakano 55
55-C stamp FDC, Origami
Nakano 61
61-Cactus block of 4 FDC
Nakano 62
62-Transpo coils, two FDCs
Nakano 63
63-Flag Supreme Court FDC
Nakano 64
64-Superbowl XVI - 49ers
vs Cincinnati Bengals
Nakano 76
76-Two libraries FDCs, booklet
Nakano 77
77-Consumer Education FDC
Nakano 78
78-Knoxville World's Fair FDC
Nakano 78 rev
78-reverse. Fair pavilion stamps
Nakano 88
88-Grace Kelly dies
Nakano 92
92-Architecture block FDC
Nakano 93
93-Francis of Assisi FDC
Nakano 95
95-Kitten & puppy FDC
Nakano 98
98-Meyer Lansky dies
Nakano 99
99-5 Official Mail stamps FDC
Nakano 100
100-Tin Goose 50th anniv
Nakano 118
118-Brooke Shields on mag
Nakano 120
120-Treaty of Paris FDC
Nakano 123
123-Joseph Priestley FDC
Nakano 125
125-Detroit Grand Prix II
Nakano 126
126-TVA FDC. Clever
Escher type illustration
Nakano 130
130-Babe Ruth FDC
Nakano 130-rev
130-rev-8 more HNLP "stamps"
Nakano 133
133-Scott Joplin FDC
Nakano 141
141-1¢ Mobius Strip FDC (front & back)
Nakano 142 Left:
wheel FDC
Nakano 147
147-Dorothea Dix FDC
Nakano 151
151-Streetcar block of 4 FDC
Nakano 153
153-5¢ Motorcycle coil FDC
Nakano 156A
156A-Entomology Week
Nakano 160
160-4 stamps printed on same
sheet, Jan-Apr '84, 4 FDCs
Nakano 170
170-Carter Woodson FDC
Nakano 171
171-11¢ Caboose FDC, slider

181-Baby Buggy
FDC, slider
Nakano 181
Nakano 189
189-Small Bus #6 envelope, latge foldout
Nakano 190
190-Louisiana World Expo FDC
Nakano 190-rev
190-reverse. Cover has 20
Expo pavilion stamps
Nakano 212
Nakano 212A
212 Smokey Bear FDCs
Nakano 216
216-Roberto Clemente FDC
Nakano 240
240-Vietnam Vets Mem FDC
Nakano 240
240 w/Woman in Space cancel
Nakano 240-proof
240 Proof
Nakano 243
243-Boy Scouts FDC
Nakano 244
244-D stamp, origami eagle
Nakano 255
255-Stanley Steamer FDC, mech
Nakano 269
269-6¢ Tricycle FDC
Nakano 281
281-Circus Parade slider
Nakano 291
291-Detroit Grand Prix V
Nakano 291-domino
291-Domino's racing poster
Nakano 325
325-21.1¢ Zip+4 FDC
Nakano 299
299-Walter Lippmann FDC
Nakano 317
317-Madonna FDC, 2 sliders
Nakano 318 card
318C-Madonna postcard FDC
Nakano 318 greeting
318G-Madonna greeting card
Nakano 330
330-Baby announcement
Nakano 349
349-Texas FDC large die-cut pop-up folder
Nakano 641
641-House & Senate FDCs
Nakano 329
329-Boy Scouts 75 anniv Expo
Nakano 332
332-Arkansas FDC, mech wheel
Nakano 351
351-Texas FDC maze puzzle
Nakano 485
485-NJ FDC w/postage dues

The Entire Collection of Covers by Hideaki Nakano is SOLD !

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