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Power Mower Fire Here's a good reason not to smoke while mowing the lawn. (6 seconds)
Refrigerator The fridge wouldn't fit through the door so these guys hoisted it through a 2nd story window. Well, almost. (40 seconds)
Faulty Nailgun Beware of products made in October warns this 30-second commercial from Fox Sports.
Cement Surprise Driver of a cement truck catches his wife in a romantic situation with another guy. (65 seconds).
Click to view an amazing car collision videoCollision! Absolutely unbelievable multiple car collision on a three-lane French highway. (41 seconds).
Collision in a Tunnel Another live French video of a multi-car pile-up in a tunnel. (38 seconds).
Icy Car Chase Trying to push a stuck car on an icy road isn't always a good idea. (22 seconds)
Frayed Levis How to make a pair of frayed cut-offs is shown in this 30-second Levi's commercial.

In case you missed them, here are some videos from our other pages:
Click to view a funny door washing videoDoor Washer Hapless guy attempts to wash an automatic door.
Truck Barrier Heavy truck tests a new barrier material by driving into it at 50 mph.
DeWalt Drill Commercial shows the awesome power of a DeWalt drill. (36 seconds)
Leafblower Short Australian TV commercial shows the powerful Stihl leafblower in action.
Click to see a Japanese lady parking a carJapanese Parking Unique method of a Japanese lady parallel parking in a tight space.
Parallel Parking Short video shows unusual method of British parallel parking.
Taxi Parking More parallel parking, this time by a London taxi.
Back-in Parking More British parking; this time backing in.

Click to see the first Trunk Monkey ad And here for your enjoyment are the four Trunk Monkey commercials from the Suburban Auto Group of Sandy, Oregon.
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