Dave Bennett's Wild and Wacky First Day Covers!

An FDC exhibit by David H. Ahl
Jules Verne FDC
  I prepared this philatelic exhibit in May 2002 and it covers the 15-year history and development of Dave Bennett's Cachetoons First Day Covers from Dave's first commercial FDCs for the North American Wildlife issue in June 1987 to his current day (2002) FDC. The exhibit shows his progression from traditional one- and two-color offset printed cachets on the left part of the envelope to overall designs using the entire envelope and finally to fold-out and pop-up designs on custom-made envelopes with vivid colors.

I first showed the exhibit at the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) Americover convention in Oakbrook, IL in July 2002. At that convention it won an AFDCS Vermeil award, an American Philatelic Society (APS) award of excellence, the Herman Fluegel award for best exhibit of multicolor FDCs, a Gold award from the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE), and the Marge Finger Award for most popular exhibit.

At the Postage Stamp Mega Event in New York in April 2003, the exhibit also won a Vermeil award, an APS medal of excellence, and Gold Creativity Award from the AAPE. Some of these awards are pictured below.

The exhibit was mounted in 10 frames, which would normally accommodate 160 8½" x 11" pages. However, since many of Dave Bennett's FDCs are oversize, I used 130 standard-size pages and 20 oversize 11½" x 11" pages. These large pages don't fit in a scanner and so are not (currently) included in this web site exhibit. (Digital photographs have not proved satisfactory so far, but I'm still trying.)

The exhibit pages are on the web site as graphical images. I've tried to compress them as much as possible so they load in a reasonable amount of time, but if you have a slow dial-up Internet connection, they're going to take a while to load. On each page, you can simply use the buttons at the bottom to go to the next page. Have fun!

Note: This is my personal exhibit. The covers in it are NOT for sale.

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AFDCS award and certificate AAPE gold award certificate
ASDA award certificate Postage Stamp Mega Event award ribbons

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