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by Dave Ahl (aka SwapMeetDave)

      More than 1,000 Tintin real, pastiche, imitation and parody covers are on these pages. A pastiche is a work that closely imitates the work of a previous artist, usually distinguished from a parody in the sense that it celebrates rather than mocks the work it imitates. You will find works on these pages that have been described by many names: parody, farce, staire, pirate, fantasy, spoof, fake, lampoon, funny, travesty, mockery, mimic, counterfeit, forgery, false, ridicule, scoff, joke, humorous, foolish, silly, or imitation.
3 parody Tintin covers       This is Page 3 which shows imitations in which the design, type, and layout is generally similar to a genuine Tintin cover. This category includes covers for other characters (Castafiore, the Duponds) and other unrelated people (Clinton, Dieudonné, etc.).
      Page 1 has real covers, imitations and parodies of the first ten Tintin books plus information about the artists. Page 2 includes real covers, pasticles and spoofs of books 11 to 24 plus three videos.
      Lastly, on page 4 you'll find covers inspired by Tintin books but with a different style or design. Lots of weird stuff in this group. Some are just sketches and not finished covers at all. I've tried to weed out covers of real books and videos about Hergé and Tintin, magazine covers, and advertisements (like for the Citreon 2CV), but some almost certainly slipped in. Click here for these inspired by Tintin fake covers.
      In addition, there is an excellent web site with many covers and illustrations by Rick Flashman of Tintin in Borduria, a fictional fascist country in the Balkans depicted in King Ottokar's Sceptre and The Calculus Affair. I've included a few of his covers here, but I recommend a visit to his site where you can pursue his entire selection.
      Page 5 is a CONTEST which challenges YOU to design a Tintin imitation, parody, or fake cover. It has the rules of the contest, downloadable Tintin type font, and images of some other characters to get you started. Budding artists, don't miss this page!

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      This is not a blog. My experience is that blogs get cluttered with a lot of irrelevant comments and it gets harder over time to find the “meat” of the site. I welcome comments and submissions via e-mail (use the “Send Mail” button), and I will post appropriate ones on these pages. My web site (SwapMeetDave.com) gets about 7,000 visitors every day, which leads to a lot of e-mail. I read it all and try to answer as much as I can, but I'm just one retired guy with a lot of other stuff on my plate as well as this web site. So be patient with me. Thanks!
      The illustrations. If you click on any thumbnail image on this page, you'll get to see the biggest one I have in a separate window. Where I had gigantic images, I reduced the height to a maximum of 800 pixels. In some cases, all I have is a tiny image; sorry about that. If you have a better quality or a missing illustration, please e-mail it to me at SwapMeetDave@aol.com.

Takeoffs on The Red Sea Sharks and The Land of Black Gold
Two of Hergé's books, The Red Sea Sharks and The Land of Black Gold, have dark backgrounds with the subject in a circle or keyhole. This design appeals to many artists and I've grouped their work here.
By W Vandersteen
Two titles
Flute-of-the-Wendigo-Tintin Objectif-Monde Finn-and-Jake
Enigme-du-3-message Enigme-3-Message Enigme-du-3-message Back-in-USA-by-MacMcCool-Tintin
By Mac McCool
Freeman Tintin
1000-Louis-Tintin Emile-Louis-Tintin Aime-Milou Tintin Mille-Ouilles-Tintin Emile-Louis-Taintain
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Hait-Milou-Tintin Michou-Tintin Ouille-Tintin Mi-Loup-Tintin Mi-Loup-Tintin
Mille-Ouies-Tintin Fryfry-as-Tintin-by-Leena-Kill
By Leena Kill
Grand-Mystere-Tintin Zwitserland-Tintin Caramba-kuifje-in-zwitserland
Timor Tintin Baker-Street-by-Bob-Garcia
By Bob Garcia
France Tintin Voix-du-Lagon FinnFinn-and-Jake
Batman Tintin Linlin Tintin

Covers similar to early Tintin books
The early Tintin book covers were generally beige or light tan with the title on top and a framed illustration below. This is a fairly easy design to copy and many artists have chose to do so. Many of these covers are on actual pastiche books. Jason Morrow did a cover of this design for all 24 Tintin books; some are with the cover of the corresponding book, but 12 are here. Other major contributors to these books are those published by Atlier Radock, as well as artists Schrift, Exem, and others.
3 books by Marc Roulin
Finfin-On-a-Zappe-sur-Saturne-by-Roulin Anvcers-du-Double-by-Marc-Roulin Archipel-Mysterieux-by-Maret
Next 2 by François Maret
3 by Philippe Sennwald
Vol-417-pour-New-York-by-Sen Tresor-de-Radin-le-Vert-by-Sen Remue-Menage-a-Moulisart-by-Calza
Next 2 by Gilles Calza
Next 3 by Michael Berger
Ydille-Noire-by-Mibe Tintouin-chez-les-Ricains-by-Mibe Tourne-au-sale-Affaire-by-Jason-Morrow
Next 12 by Jason Morrow
This row by Jason Morrow
P'tits-Carosses-by-Jason-Morrow-Tintin Prepuce-foreskin-bleu-by-Jason-Morrow Poils-Mysterieux-by-Jason-Morrow Pays-des-mauviettes-by-Jason-Morrow-Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
This row by Jason Morrow
Objectif-Thune-by-Jason-Morrow Mille-noirs-by-Jason-Morrow Gibet-by-Jason-Morrow-Tintin Amnesique-Jason-Morrow-Tintin
Next 3 by Exem
Lanceval-Voeux-d'Artifice-by-Exem Zinzin-maitre-du-monde Colis-Tres-Mysterieux-by-bispro
Next 2 by bispro
Next 3 by Schrift
Zijn-Vrienden-Zijn-Vijanden Geen-Enigst-Kind Chaud-Equateur Tintin Chili-Tintin
Faussaires Tintin Jade-Sacre Tintin Musee-Imaginaire-Tintin Reporter-Pigiste Tintin Portgual Kuifje Tintin
Noctambules Tintin
Next 2 by von K
Noctambules Tintin Contre-la-Caisse-Noire-Tintin Elfes-de-Moulinsart-by-Harry-Edwood
By Harry Edwood
Batman Contra Tintin
Roumanie-Tintin Paris Tintin Fetiches-3-Dix-Petits-Tintin Soucoupes-Volantes-Tintin

Cover has similar typefont, banner, and design
The majority of real Tintin books used a distinctive typefont that is today known as simply, "Tintin." Most of the real books also had a banner at the top. The goup of covers below use a similar typefont, banner across the top, and overall design.
Next 5 by Yves Rodier
Secret-des-Arumbayas-by-Yves-Rodier-Tintin Entrailles-du-Llulliallaco-by-Rodier Chat-de-la-Bonne-Volonte-Tintin-by-Yves-Rodier Quebec-Tintin-by-Yves Rodier
Next 10 by Bispro
Otages-au-desert-by-Bispro Naufrages-a-la-derive-by-Bispro Etrange-Noel-du-capitaine-by-Bispro Drole-de-noel-sur-bruxelles-by-bispro
5 more by Bispro
Cousins-de-Bruxelles-by-bispro Dupond-Embrouilles-a-Djibouti-by-Bispro Dupond-haute-voltige-by-bispro Dupond-L'or-de-la-Tour-Eiffel-by-Bispro
Next 3 by Grainne Tynan
Dublin-by-Grainne-Tynan Cork-by-Grainne-Tynan Sweden-by-isuru077-Tintin
By Isuru 077
By Glenno
By H. Gerbe
Beyrouth-84-Tintin Liban-Tintin Montaigu Tintin Bankstown-Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Next 5 by R. Sikoryak
Prisoners-Red-Planet-by-R-Sikoryak Sikoryak-l'Equation-Tintin Objectif-Mars Tintin Retour-Mars-Tintin
Broken-Idol Tintin Dindin-Takes-on-MS-13-by-DaveA Disparus-Moulinsart Disparus-Moulinsart Exorcisme-des-Dupondt
Fetiches Tintin Kaledony Tintin Knife-Edge-Bridge Gros-Fils-de-Pute-Tintin Minitel-aux-Antilles
By Exem
By Sakharine
Menace-des-Steppes-Tintin Objectif-Beaubourg-2007 Operation-Grele-Rouge
By Brandon Graham
Operation-Cerberus Club-Med Tintin Mururoa-Tintin Adventure-Interdite
Tombe-du-Ciel Tintin Panade-a-Moulinsart Pays-bas Tintin Project-O-Light Tintin Tonnerre-sur-Brest Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Next 3 by Harry Edwood
Lampion-au-Luxembourg by Harry Edwood Miroirs-du-Marais-by-harry-edwood Vallkyrie-Affaire-Tintin Tresor-des-Templiers-Tintin
Next 9 by JC Dessins
Mystere-de-la-Corne-d'or-by-JCD Fantome-de-la-Liberte-by-JCD Mariage-a-Moulinsart-by-JCD Serenissime-by-JCDessins
4 more by JC Dessins
Ile-Engloutie-by-JCDessins Phare-des-Baleines-by-JCDessins Vallee-Blanche-Flinflins.jpg Roswell-Affaire-by-Martin-LeMalin
By Martin LeMalin
By Yves Rodier
Valais-Tintin Tournesol-transgenique Petites-Histoires Dupondt Tintin
Guinda-Tintin Heritiers-Tintin Euskadi Tintin Shire-Da-Lone-Groover
By Da Lone Groover
By Luc Cornillon
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
France Tintin
Next 3 by Dran
England Tintin Barcelona-Tintin Nameless-City-by-grimklok-TintinBy Grimklok Murmure-du-Temps
5 by Bruno Marchand
Alerte-en-Mer-Tintin-by-Bruno-Marchand Appel-du-Yeti-by-Bruno-Marchand Chasse-en-Hautemer-Tintin-by-Bruno-Marchand Periple-au-Nepal-by-Bruno-Marchand
Enigme-du-3-message Thermozéro-Tintin Fallujah-by-Gary-Hallgren
By Gary Hallgren
Artists-Only Tintin Lost-in-Translation
Cinquante-ans-de-Travaux-Fort-Gais Nevroses-de-Tintin
By Von K
Blood-Red-Diamond Venus-de-Milou Tintin Venus-de-Milou-by-Monsieur-Steel
By Monsieur Steel
Effecto-del-Nautico-by-Donosti-TintinBy Donosti Fribourg-Tintin Sabotage-sur-la-Lune Tintin Voyeur Tintin Hollywood-Tintin
Cahier-de-Textes Tintin Voix-du-Lagon-by-Harry-Edwood
By Harry Edwood
By Ralph Edenbag
Cahier-d-Ecolier Syldavie-Tintin
Grand Secret Tintin Nitnit-et-les-Fugitifs Procelaine-limoges Breaking Free Tintin Breaking Free Tintin
Pustaha-Tintin Pluton Tintin
By Nares

Cover has similar typefont and design
This goup of covers use the "Tintin" typefont or something similar and have an overall design more-or-less resembling a genuine Tintin book. Most imitation covers fall in this category or the one above.
Next 9 by Harry Edwood
Neuf-Reves-Tintin-by-Harry-Edwood Amis-de-Papier-by-Harry-Edwood Retour-sur-la-Lune-by-Harry-Edwood Back-to-the-Moon-by-Harry-Edwood
Tresor-des-Lampion-by-Harry-Edwood Elfes-de-Moulinsart-by-Harry-Edwood Amis-de-Papier-by-Harry-Edwood Baker-Street-Bob-Garcia-Harry-Edwood Chez-les-Geeks Tintin
Next 7 by Murray Groat
(aka Muzski)
Innsmouth-Tintin-by-Muzski Mountains-of-Madness-by-Muzski Shadow-out-of-Time-Tintin-by-Muzski
Reanimator-Tintin-by-Muzski Whisperer-in-Darkness-by-Muzski Orlocks-Heir-by-Les-McClaine
Next 3 by Les McClaine
Door-in-the-Library-by-Les-McClaine Pharaohs-Crocodile-by-Les-McClaine
Next 3 by Joost Veerkamp
Uitje-in-afrika-by-Joost-Veerkamp Cruijffje-mist-Amerika Exile-du-bout-du-Monde Guepeou-Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Blackshorts-Tintin Pirates-du-golfe-by-Bispro
By Bispro
By Baru
By Reine Descanards
By Von K
Next 2 by Ed Shems
Pelucas-en-safari-by-enfredned Alerte-sur-Fangataufa Clone Tintin Naufrage-de-la-Licorne
By Joost Veerkamp (2)
Rocher-des-Kangourous-Tintin Destination-Hollywood-Tintin
By Yves Rodier
Next 2 by Donosti
Autoroute-du-Soleil-Tintin Recuerdos-Pais-Tintin Chrysolithe-Bleu-by-R-Sikoryak-2007
By R Sikoryak
By Alain le Bussy
By Ted Benoit
Psychanalyste-Tintin Pyramide-du-solleil-Tintin Tintin-et-les-tintins-by-Lumer
By Lumer
By Harry Edwood
France-Tintin Cafe-du-Coin-Tintin Oostindisch-Blind-Tintin TaunTuan-Tintin Georges-adventures-of-tauntaun
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Adventura-en-Moulinsart-Tintin Embrouille-a-moulinsart Embrouille-jaune-allege-copier Embrouille-a-moulinsart Tintin Grand-Prix-Moulinsart
By Dylan Horrocks
Adventures-aux-Alpes Birmanie-by-Severin-Tintin
By Severin
Ireland-Tintin-JS Steele
By JS Steele
By von K
Ombre-Jaune-Tintin Nevroses-de-Tintin Thailande Tintin Thailand Tintin Singapore Tintin
Irak Tintin Irak Tintin Archives-du-Ferrailleur-by-Lemon
By Lemon
Chez-les-Bonzes-Tintin Marin-d-eau-Douce-by-bispro
By bispro
By Yves Rodier
By Charles Burns
By Exem
Oeil-de-Verre-Tintin Saint-TinAffaire-Tourne-au-Sale-by-Gordon-Zola
By Gordon Zola
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Enigme-du-3-message Land-der-Perzen Parfum-Vert Tintin Valise-Triangulaire-by-Bilal
By Bilal
By Glup, 2003
Next 2 by Andre Juillard
Livres-Temps-by-Andre-Juillard-1996 Schatten-der-Vergangenheit-Dead-Again-Tintin Zinzin-maitre-du-monde
By Exem
By Alain Ribière
Famille-de-Papier Valley-of-Opal-Skulls-by-bispro
By Bispro
Aterrizaje-en-la-Luna Conseil-Tintin Peine-del-Viento-XV
Antre-de-koltar Antre-de-koltar Antre-de-koltar Harpes-de-Greenmore-Tintin Harpes-de-Greenmore-Tintin
Brussels-Ketje-Kuifje Saint-Tin-Poils-Mysterieux Secret-d'Herge Zinzin-et-bongo Folie-de-Tintin
By von K
Next 5 by Jake Tapper
Clintin-Dreamworks-Conundrum Clintin-library-of-accolades-by-jake-tapper Clintin-quest-for-nobel-prize Clintin-secret-of-19th-hole-by-jake-tapper

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