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by Dave Ahl (aka SwapMeetDave)

      More than 1,000 Tintin real, pastiche, imitation and parody covers are on these pages. A pastiche is a work that closely imitates the work of a previous artist, usually distinguished from a parody in the sense that it celebrates rather than mocks the work it imitates. You will find works on these pages that have been described by many names: parody, farce, staire, pirate, fantasy, spoof, fake, lampoon, funny, travesty, mockery, mimic, counterfeit, forgery, false, ridicule, scoff, joke, humorous, foolish, silly, or imitation.
3 parody Tintin covers       This is Page 2 of imitations of Tintin covers of books 11 to 24 plus three videos. In these illustrations, the title or general design, loosely interpreted, correspond to one of the 24 Tintin books or videos. The first ten books can be found on Page 1 ~ Tintin books 1 to 10. That page has information about the artists also.
      Also on this site is a page of imitations in which the design, type, and layout is generally similar to a genuine Tintin cover. This category includes covers for other characters and people (the Duponds, Flinflins, Zinzin, Clinton, etc.). Click here for Page 3 ~ similar Tintin parody covers.
      Lastly, you'll find covers inspired by Tintin books but with a different style or design. Lots of weird stuff in this group. Some are just sketches and not finished covers at all. I've tried to weed out covers of real books and videos about Hergé and Tintin, magazine covers, and advertisements (like for the Citreon 2CV), but some almost certainly slipped in. Click here for Page 4 ~ inspired by Tintin fake covers.
      Page 5 is a CONTEST which challenges YOU to design a Tintin imitation, parody, or fake cover. It has the rules of the contest, downloadable Tintin type font, and images of some other characters to get you started. Budding artists, don't miss this page!

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      The illustrations. If you click on any thumbnail image on this page, you'll get to see the biggest one I have in a separate window. Where I had gigantic images, I reduced the height to a maximum of 800 pixels. In some cases, all I have is a tiny image; sorry about that. If you have a better or missing illustration, please e-mail it to me at SwapMeetDave@aol.com.

The Secret of the Unicorn (1943) ~ English Translation (1959)
Hergé's 11th book, The Secret of the Unicorn, was published in color in 1943. Written during WWII, it is the first book in the series to avoid political themes, instead focusing purely on an adventure story, and has been described as being the first book in Hergé's middle period. The story is concluded in the next book, Red Rackham's Treasure. Shown here are four “official” covers and 11 spoofs and parodies.
Casterman, 1943
Casterman, 1952
Secret of the Unicorn, Golden Press, 1959
Golden Press, UK, 1959
Young Readers edition
Sihanoukville-Secret-Popeye-Tintin Dieudo-Secret-de-la-Shoah Secret-du-Titanic Secret-of-the-Unicorn-by-sam saxton-Tintin
By Sam Saxton
By Piooley
By Joost Veerkamp
Saint-Tin-Secret-d-eulalie-corn Scream-Newborn-by-Bill-Buswell
By Bill Buswell
Naufrage-la-Licorne Chinese-Secret-of-the-Unicorn

Red Rackham's Treasure (1944) ~ English Translation (1959)
Hergé's 12th book, Red Rackham's Treasure, was published in color in 1944. The book is notable for its introduction of main character Professor Calculus. It is the best-selling book in the Tintin series yet it inspired fewer imitation covers than many others. Shown here are three “official” covers, and 15 spoofs and parodies.
Casterman, 1944
Red Rackham's Treasure Tintin
Casterman, 1954
Young Readers edition
Red-Rackham's-Treasure Vol Mysterieux Tintin
Zinzin Tresor-de-Racaille-le-Rouge Vol Mysterieux Tintin Vol Mysterieux Tintin Demon-des-Glaces Tintin by-Juillard
By Juillard
Demon-des-Glaces Tintin by-Juillard
By Juillard
Red-Rackhams-Treasure Brave-and-Bold-Batman-Tintin Red-Rackham's-Treasure Giant-Nemo-Paradox-Tintin Chinese-Red-Rackham's-Treasure
By Gordon Zola
Recherche-du-Calystene-Tintin Faussaires-Tintin Trésor-de-Racaille-Le-Rouge-by-Jason-Morrow
By Jason Morrow

The Seven Crystal Balls (1948) ~ English Translation (1962)
Hergé's 13th book, The Seven Crystal Balls, was published in color in 1948. The book was inspired by the ancient “curse of the pharaohs.” Shown here are two “official” covers, and many fakes and farces.
Casterman, 1948
Casterman, 1962
Twilight-Sparkle-Seven-Crystal-Balloons Ascete-Boude-le-Cristal
By Gordon Zola
By Joost Veerkamp
7-Crystal-Balls-by-Aditya Chakravarty
By Aditya Chakravarty
7 Crystal Balls 7-Boules-de-Cristal Tintin 7 boules de bowling Siege-Diabolique-Tintin
7-Boules-de-Cristal Tintin Chouettes-Boules-de-Cristal-by-Jason-Morrow
By Jason Morrow
Chinese-Seven-Crystal-Balls Predictions-Twenty-Twelve-by-Sean-Kershaw
By Sean Kershaw

Prisoners of the Sun (1949) ~ English Translation (1962)
Hergé's 14th book, Prisoners of the Sun (French: Le Temple du Soleil or Temple of the Sun) was published in color in 1949. The book was the second volume in a two-part adventure begun in The Seven Crystal Balls a year earlier. It had only one cover, but there were several other “official” covers for three films, a record (of a musical stage production), several video games, and a book of postcards.
Casterman, 1949
Temple-du-Soleil Tintin film
Film for TV, 1969
Temple-du-Soleil Tintin film
DVD 2010
Temple-du-Soleil Tintin popup card
Hallmark popup card, 1969
Temple-du-Soleil Tintin record
Phillips 12" long-play vinyl record of musical stage production, 2001
Temple-du-Soleil Tintin postcards
Book of postcards
Recherche-du-Code-da-Vinci Tintin Temple-du-Disco Tintin Temple-du-Sauna Tintin Temple-du-Sommeil-by-Alain
By Alain
Prisoners-by-Aditya Chakravarty
By Aditya Chakravarty
Chinese Prisoners of the Sun Tintin Arrivee-au-Temple by Rosinski
By Rosinski
By Serge Clerc
By Pierre Marie Windal
Temple-du-Sommeil-by-Jason Morrow
By Jason Morrow

Land of Black Gold (1950) ~ Remake (1971) ~ English Translation (1972)
Hergé's 15th book, Land of Black Gold began to be serialized in black and white in Le Petit Vingtième, children's supplement to the conservative newspaper Le XXe Siècle, in 28 September 1939. It was suspended during the war and finally completed in color in 1950. Over two decades later, in 1971, Hergé and his assistant Bob de Moor rewrote parts of the story to move the setting from the British Mandate for Palestine to the fictional state of Khemed.
Land-of-the-Black-Gold Tintin
Casterman, 1950
By Liberman
Land of Trash by Bispro
Zinzin-L'or-Noir Zwarte-Goud
Mesopotamia Tintin Pakistan Tintin Marrakech Tintin Hommes-Bulles-Tintin Estragon-Balls Tintin
By Aissel

Destination Moon (1953) ~ English Translation (1959)
Hergé's 16th book, Destination Moon (French: Objectif Lune) is part 1 of a story in which Tintin and Captain Haddock receive an invitation from Professor Calculus to come to Syldavia, where Calculus is working on a top-secret project. The book was written 19 years before the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing and several years before manned space flight, but Hergé's story is essentially accurate. Shown here are two “official” covers and eight takeoffs and fakes.
Objectif Lune Tintin
Casterman, 1953
Making of Mission to the Moon Tintin
By Benoit Peeters, 1989
Zinzin-Objectif-Thune Zinzin-Objectif-Foune Stop-It-Tintin-by-Giskhan
By Giskhan
Dieudo-Six-Millions Tintin
By Liberman
By Gordon Zola
Shuttle Naar de Maan Tintin Chinese-Destination-Moon Objectif Lune
Portion of wide photo poster - click to view

Explorers on the Moon (1954) ~ English Translation (1959)
Hergé's 17th book, Explorers on the Moon (French: On a Marche sur la Lune “We Walk on the Moon”) is part 2 of a story in which Tintin, Haddock, and others go to the moon in the rocket of Professor Calculus. Moon landings were not something to make fun of and relatively few artists mocked these books. Here are three “official” covers and nine spoofs.
Marche-sur-la-Lune Tintin
Casterman, 1954
Golden Press, UK, 1960
Joy Street/Little Brown
Tweete-Avait-Marche-sur-la-Lune Zinzin-on-a-Chie-Sur-la-Lune
By Monsieur Steel
They-Explored-the-Moon-Tintin Super-Team-Family-Jonny-Quest Tintin Marche-sur-les-Urnes Tintin Saint-Tin-Marche-sur-la-Lune
By Gordon Zola
Tronchet (Didier Vasseur)
On-a-Marche sur la Lune Tintin Chinese-Explorers-on-the-Moon

The Calculus Affair (1956) ~ English Translation (1960)
In Hergé's 18th book, The Calculus Affair (French: L'Affaire Tournesol), Professor Calculus has invented a machine capable of destroying objects with sound waves. Several critics have labelled this as the greatest and most “detective-like” of the whole Tintin series. Here is the “official” cover and 11 fakes.
Calculus Affair Tintin
Magnet, 1960
By Liberman
By Piooley
Zinzin l'Affaire Tournemal Khmers-Rouges Tintin
By Joost Veerkamp
Colin-Maillard Tintin Bubblegum-Affaire-Finn
By Melanie
Affaire-Festina Affaire Copyright Tintin
By Piooley
Chinese-Calculus-Affair Tintin Calculus-Affair-by-W Child
By wchild (Finland)

The Red Sea Sharks (1958) ~ English Translation (1960)
The original French title of Hergé's 19th book, Coke en Stock, is slang meaning “black people traffic” or possibly “we have slaves on board.” In the politically-correct English title, The Red Sea Sharks, “sharks” means gangsters or villains, not fish. This book is notable for bringing together a large number of characters from previous Tintin adventures. Its distinctive cover design plus the word play and puns on its French title make it the most spoofed of all the Tintin books. I have arbitrarily put covers that copy only the design in the Similar Design category. Here are two “official” covers and 31 fakes.
Casterman, 1958
Coke-en-Stock-Tintin Hebrew
Mizrahi/Maariv, 2007
Couille-en-Stock Zinzin-Cocu-en-Stock Chatte-en-Stock-Zara
By Poosk
Canettes-en-stock Coke-en-Stock Tintin Stock-de-Coke Saint-Tin-Coq-en-Toc-by-Gordon-Zola
By Gordon Zola
By Alain D
Coqs-en-Stock Cow-in-Stock La-Marque-de-Coke Coke-en-Stock Tintin
O-Rage-Electrique Cubanen-in-Voorraad-by-Joost-Veerkamp
By Joost Veerkamp
Angkor-en-Stock Broc-en-Stock Tintin Stock-de-Cockers-by-galletasdanesas
By Maria Corredera
By J C Dessins
Rock-ad-Hoc Rayon-X Tintin Shock-of-Coke-by-DaveA Skeletons calendar Tintin spoof
Croke-en-Stock-Tintin Coke-en-Stock Tintin Iceberg-Tintin Le Jour Viendra Tintin Liberation-France-Tintin
Doryphores Tintin Cox-en-Stock Schnocks-en-Stock-by-Jason-Morrow
By Jason Morrow

Tintin in Tibet (1959) ~ English Translation (1962)
The 20th book, Tintin in Tibet, was an “intensely personal book” for Hergé, who would come to see it as his favorite of the Tintin adventures. Its distinctive cover sparked many imitations and parodies. Here is the one “official” cover and 19 others.
Tintin au Tibet
Casterman, 1959
Tube Tintin La-Craint-au-Tibet Retour-au-Tibet-Tintin Tintin en France
Tintouin-au-Tibet Saint-Tin-au-Tibet-by-Gordon-Zola
By Gordon Zola
By Raymond Huber
Patatin-au-Tibet Tipp-Ex-by-Alain-D
By Alain D
Zinzin-au-Tibet Tintin-au-Tibet Sur-les-Traces-de-Tintin-by-Goossens
By Goossens
Ligne-Claire Tintin Retour-du-Yeti-by-JCD
By J C Dessins
Marvel-two-in-one-Thing-and-Tintin Tintin-au-Tibet with APCs Finfin-Tibet-ne-repond-plus Tibet repond plus Tintin
By Joost Veerkamp

The Castafiore Emerald (1963) ~ English Translation (1963)
The Castafiore Emerald (French: Les Bijoux de la Castafiore) is the 21st Tintin adventure by Hergé. Conceived as a narrative exercise, Hergé wanted to see if he could maintain suspense throughout 62 pages of story with no villains, locations, guns, or danger, and with a clearly deceptive solution. Here is the one “official” cover and ten others.
Casterman, 1963
Bevues-de-la-Castafiore Zinzin-Bisous-de-la-Carlafiore Pies-Jouent-de-la-Castagnette
By Pauline Bonnnefoi
By Liberman
2 designs: French, English
Paris-Flash-Castafiore-Haddock Collier-la-Castafiore-by-Alain-D
By Alain D
Bijoux-de-la-Castafiore Bisous-de-la-Castafiore-by-Jason-Morrow
By Jason Morrow
Castafiore-a-Saint-Tropez Bijoux-de-la-Castafiore

Flight 714 to Sydney (1968) ~ English Translation (1968)
In Hergé's 22nd Tintin story, Flight 714 to Sydney, later known as just Flight 714, the title refers to a flight that Tintin and his friends fail to catch, as they become embroiled in a plot to kidnap an eccentric millionaire from a supersonic business jet on an Indonesian island. Shown are three “official” covers and 15 others.
Casterman, 1968
Flight 714 Tintin Flight 714 Tintin
Little Brown, 1975
Zinzin-Vol-714-Pour-Louxor Barcelone Tintin
Vol-714-pour-Sydney Tintin Vol-714-pour-Sydney Tintin Vol-sec-pour-dessiner Vlucht-ly-1862-by-Joost-Veerkamp
By Joost Veerkamp
Destination New York Tintin by Joost Veerkamp
By Joost Veerkamp
By Bob Garcia
By Piooley
Vol-714-pour-Sydney Tintin Vol-714-pour-Sydney Tintin Vol-714-pour-Sydney Tintin
Vlucht-714 Tintin Vol-41-Pour-New-York-Taratatin-by-Sen
By Sen
By Jason Morrow

Tintin and the Picaros (1976) ~ English Translation (1976)
In this, Hergé's 23nd and last completed story, Tintin at first refuses to become part of this new adventure, in which his friends Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus join General Alcazar and his small band of guerrillas, the Picaros. Shown is the one “official” cover and 12 others.
Tintin et les Picaros
Casterman, 1976
Barbudos Tintin Picaros-et-le-Plan-Libre-by-Piooley
By Piooley
Colombie Zinzin Picaros-by-Philippe-Debongnie-Tintin
By Philippe Debongnie
Ingrid-Picaros Tintin Picasso Tintin Picaros-by-Aditya Chakravarty
By Aditya Chakravarty
By Stephane Rosse
By J C Dessins
Cthulhu-Affair-Super-Team-Asterix Buikje-en-de-Jihados-by-Joost-Veerkamp
By Joost Veerkamp (2)
Kulturhuset Tintin

Tintin and Alph-Art (1986) ~ English Translation (1990) ~ Additional Material (2004)
Tintin and Alph-Art was the intended 24th Adventure of Tintin by Hergé. It is a striking departure from the earlier books in tone and subject, as well as in style; rather than being set in the usual exotic, action-packed environment this story is largely played out in the world of modern art. Hergé worked on the book until his death in 1983. It was published posthumously (despite its unfinished status) in 1986 by Casterman in association with the Hergé Foundation. The foundation republished it in 2004 with further material. Because it did not have a cover by Hergé, many artists tried their hand at disigning a suitable cover. Below are two “official” covers and 23 others.
Tintin Alph Art
Casterman, 1986
Tintin Alph Art
Egmont, 2004
Next 3 by Yves Rodier
Alph-Art-by-Yves-Rodier Alph-Art-by-Yves-Rodier
Next five by Yves Rodier
Alph-Art-by-Yves-Rodier Alph-Art-by-Yves-Rodier Alph-Art-by-Yves-Rodier Alph-Art-by-Yves-Rodier
Alph-Art Tintin-by-Ramo-Nash
Next three by Remo Nash
Tintin Alph Art Remo Nash Tintin Alph Art Remo Nash Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin
Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin Alph-Art by-Von-Leydig
By Von Leydig
Alph Art Tintin
Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin Alph Art Tintin by Jason Morrow
By Jason Morrow

Film: Tintin and the Golden Fleece (1961)
Tintin and the Golden Fleece (French: Tintin et le Mystère de la Toison d'or) was one of ten Tintin films and videos. I am listing only three here which sparked at least a few imitation covers. Most did not. This was a live-action film with actors made-up to look like the characters and featured an original storyline not based on any of the books. The book was made up of written text with stills from the film, some in color, others in black and white. Below are some “official” book and video covers and a few spoof images.
Golden Fleece Tintin video Golden Fleece Tintin video Golden Fleece Tintin video Golden Fleece Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin video
Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin video
Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin book
Casterman, book, 1962
Toison d'or Tintin book Istanbul'da Tintin
Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin video Toison d'or Tintin book

Film: Tintin and the Blue Oranges (1964)
Tintin and the Blue Oranges was a less successful sequel to Tintin and the Golden Fleece. Below are some “official” book and video covers and a few fake images.
Blue Oranges Tintin video
Blue Oranges Tintin DVD Blue Oranges Tintin poster
Film poster
Blue Oranges Tintin video Blue Oranges Tintin video
Blue Oranges Tintin video Swedish
Swedish Video
Blue Oranges Tintin video
Casterman, book, 1965
Oranges-Bleues-by-Fa-Berge Tintin
Next 3 by Fa-Bergé
Oranges-Bleues-by-Fa-Berge Tintin Oranges-Bleues-by-Fa-Berge Tintin

Film: Tintin and the Lake of Sharks (1972) ~ English Translation (1990)
Tintin and the Lake of Sharks (French: Tintin et le Lac aux Requins) is a Tintin animated film, directed by Raymond Leblanc (1972). It was written by the Belgian comics creator Greg (Michel Regnier) and supervised by Hergé. In 1973 it was adapted into book form with still images from the film used as illustrations. It was remastered in 1995 and given the title, Mystery at Shark Lake. Below are seven “official” book and video covers and just two fantasy images.
Egmont Book, 1990
VHS Video, 1972
Remastered video, 1995
DVD, 2007
Lake-of-Sharks-Tintin Video Spanish
Spanish Video
Lake-of-Sharks-Tintin Video Swedish
Swedish video
Lake-of-Sharks-Tintin Video French
French poster for Film
Parody book, 1988
By Yves Rodier
Chinese cover

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