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by Dave Ahl (aka SwapMeetDave)

      More than 1,000 Tintin real, pastiche, imitation and parody covers are on these pages. A pastiche is a work that closely imitates the work of a previous artist, usually distinguished from a parody in the sense that it celebrates rather than mocks the work it imitates. You will find some of these along with others that have been variously described as an imitation, parody, farce, staire, pirate, fantasy, spoof, fake, mockery, mimic, counterfeit, humorous, forged, foolish, or silly cover.
3 parody Tintin covers       This is page 4 on which you'll find covers inspired by Tintin books but with a different style or design. Lots of weird stuff in this group. Some are just sketches and not finished covers at all. I've tried to weed out covers of real books and videos about Hergé and Tintin, magazine covers, and advertisements (like for the Citreon 2CV), but some almost surely slipped in.
      Page 1 has real covers, imitations and parodies of the first ten Tintin books plus information about the artists. Page 2 includes real covers, pasticles and spoofs of books 11 to 24 plus three videos.
      Then Page 3 shows imitations in which the design, type, and layout is generally similar to a genuine Tintin cover. This category includes covers for other characters and people (the Duponds, Flinflins, Clinton, etc.). These are at covers similar to actual Tintin books.
      Page 5 is a CONTEST which challenges YOU to design a Tintin imitation, parody, or fake cover. It has the rules of the contest, downloadable Tintin type font, and images of some other characters to get you started. Budding artists, don't miss this page!
      In addition, there is an excellent web site with many covers and illustrations by Rick Flashman of Tintin in Borduria, a fictional fascist country in the Balkans depicted in King Ottokar's Sceptre and The Calculus Affair. I've included a few of his covers here, but I recommend a visit to his site where you can pursue his entire selection.
      Another outstanding web site is the blog of Martin le Malin which has many, many pages of covers, artwork, and discussion (in French but much in English too!) about Tintin, Herge, piracy, plagiarism, parodies, and more. With contributions from guest artists like Bob Garcia, Nick Rodwell, and others, this is a site not to be missed.
Tintin: Actual Books,
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      This is not a blog. My experience is that blogs get cluttered with a lot of irrelevant comments and it gets harder over time to find the “meat” of the site. I welcome comments and submissions via e-mail (use the “Send Mail” button), and I will post appropriate ones on these pages. My web site (SwapMeetDave.com) gets about 7,000 visitors every day, which leads to a lot of e-mail. I read it all and try to answer as much as I can, but I'm just one retired guy with a lot of other stuff on my plate as well as this web site. So be patient with me. Thanks!
      The illustrations. If you click on any thumbnail image on this page, you'll get to see the biggest one I have in a separate window. Where I had gigantic images, I reduced the height to a maximum of 800 pixels. In some cases, all I have is a tiny image; sorry about that. If you have a better quality or a missing illustration, please e-mail it to me at SwapMeetDave@aol.com.

Covers based on Tintin books, but with quite different designs
There is no good way to arrange these covers. I've put some simlar ones by the same artist togeter, but for the rest, they are simply in alphabetical order by the first main word in the title (other than Tintin).
Saigon Tintin Saigon Tintin Saigon Tintin Vietnam Tintin Vietnam-Sleeping-Bagman-Tintin
Cambodge Tintin Cambodge Tintin Bankok-Tintin Indonesia-by-Alexanderorah-Tintin
By Alexander Orah
Sri-Lanka Tintin by N. Senthilkumaran
By N. Senthilkumaran
Next 5 by Dan Hipp
Hugged Face Tintin Hunt-for-the-Unicorn-Tintin-by-Dan-Hipp Iron-Secret-by-Dan-Hipp-Tintin I-Shot-First-by-Dan-Hipp-Tintin
Next 4 by Luke Kage
Chez-les-Cannibales-Tintin-by-Luke-Kage Contre-les-Mechants-Tintin-by-Luke-Kage Frissons-de-Nuit-by-luke-kage-Tintin Seven-Crystal-Balls-Mike-Mignola
By Mike Mignola
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Many variations of these at
Martin Le Malin blog
Nazis-Martin-LeMalin Nazis-Tintin Bagdad-Tintin
By Kielland
25-Miradas-Tintin Absinthe Tintin
By von K
Afghanistan Tintin Adesso-Fellowship-Stories-by-Charles-Burns
By Charles Burns
By Bernard Meysonnet
Apple-Horn Tintin Autour-du-Monde-by-LeGall-Tintin
By LeGall
Avions Tintin Aya-Seyahat-Journey-to-the-moon-Turkish
By Daniel Garber
Bandung Tintin Bermuda-by-Leenakill-Tintin
By Leena Kill
Barcelona Tintin Boite-by-Celine-Poutas-Tintin
By Celine Poutas
Batman Tintin Batman Tintin Batman Tintin Batman Tintin Batman Clown Prince Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Adventures-by-paperbeatsscissors Bongo-by-Remi-Lucas-Tintin
By Remi Lucas
Bordure-la-piege Tintin Bordure-la-piege Tintin Bordure-la-piege Tintin
Breaking-Free Tintin
By J Daniels
Bosnie Tintin Bruxelles Mai 1968 Tintin Calinan-Yakut Tintin Car Tintin
Cambodge mines Tintin Cambodge mines Tintin Chaud-Equateur-by-Herbil-Alger
By Herbil Alger
Chez-les-Cataphiles-Tintin Chez-les-Rastas-by-Paul-Kinnet
By Paul Kinnet
Chili Tintin Chomeur-en-chine-avec-tchang-Tintin Cimetiere-des-Elephants-Tintin Commander-Tintin-by-deathly-dollies
By Deathly Dollies
By Jan
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Curious Man by Staffan Millqvist Tintin
By Staffan Millqvist
Dans-le-Golfe-Tintin Dark-Trek-Tintin Delices-interdites Tintin Enigma-de-la-Barandilla-de-la-Concha-by-donosti
By Donosti
Congrès-Plekszy-Gladz-Tintin Enterrement-de-Tintin European-Crisis-Tintin-by-Andy-Ventura
By Andy Ventura
Feminine-white Tintin Fetiches-Tintin-by-Fa-Berge
Fetiches Tintin Freelance-Reporter-Tintim Gaza Tintin Global-Rationing Tintin Grande-Course Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Greenpeace-Antartida-Parque-Mundial Guilvinec Tintin Guinda Tintin Helsingor-Tintin-by-Virginie-Despentes
By Virginie Despentes
By James Cooper
Honoring Last Light by Charles Burns
Ile-de-Paques-le-Mystere-Tintin Iraq Tintin Irak Tintin Irlande-Tintin
Istanbul-da-Tenten-1972 Jakarta-Tintin-by-Zeikai
By Zeikai
By Francis Blanche
Java-le-petit-centieme-Tintin Jerusalem Tintin
Jean-Pierre-Talbot John-and-Tintin-by-Eberoni
By Eberoni
Tintin by Keith Haring
By Keith Haring
Kinderen-van-Kuifje Kongop'da-Tenten
Kaledony Tintin Kaledony Tintin Kaledony-by-Antonin-Riberty
By Antonin Riberty
Kaledony Tintin Kaledony Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Kaledony Tintin Ladbtoke-Grove-Crack-Den-Tintin Leon Trotsky Tintin Lilliputiens-Au-Pays Tintin Locomotive-by-Geerts-Tintin
By Geerts
Lord of Time Tintin Madagascar Tintin Madagascar Tintin Madagascar Tintin Marche-sur-Allume-Cigare-Tintin-by-Remi-Lucas
By Remi Lucas
By Par Mitak
Holy Grail Tintin Martin-vs-Tintin Martin-vs-Tintin Muscle-Beach-Party-Tintin-by-Simon-Mackie
By Simon Mackie
Marquis-Tintin Matrix-Tintin-by-isuru
By Isuru
Miami Tintin Millenaire-Troisieme-Tintin Milou-Never-Die-Tintin
Milurista-Tintin Mission-Marabout-Tintin Molenbeek Tintin Mon-Copain-Tintin Monde-Perdu-by-Clytemnon
By Clytemnon
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Mortal Pacman Tintin Moulinsart Lawyers in the Congo Mystere-de-l'adq Mysterious-Star-of-Tintin
Left: The correct translation of the Russian title of this cover is "Mysterious Star of Tintin." This cover is often seen as a mirror image with the incorrect title, "Rahyo by Le Dub," which makes no sense at all.
Mysterious-visitor-Tintin New-New-York-by-Yazuri-Tintin
By Yazuri
New World Tintin Norvege Tintin Nous-Tintin-by-Keith-Haring
By Keith Haring
Orduenditos-Tintin Oreille-Cassee Paris Tintin Passe-le-mur-by-Varenne-Tintin
By Varenne
By Itomibhaa
Pinpin-La-Fin-de-l'Or-noir Planet Hitam Tintin Polar-Tintin-by-Harry-Edwood
By Harry Edwood
Police Secret Tintin
Quebec-Tintin Quebec-Tintin Ready-Man-Dindin-by-Alain-Ribière
By Alain Ribière
Reporter-Pigiste Revient-Tintin
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Rire-de-Tintin R'lyeh-Tintin-by-Muzski
By Muzski
By Emmaraudeur
Schizo Tintin Schizo-by-pierre-sterckx-Tintin
By Pierre Sterckx
Secret-of-Anabaptists Secret-of-the-Iron-Cross-by-csaj-Tintin
By Csaj
Secrets-of-seven-white-wolves-by-wolfbyheart-Tintin Sherlock Tintin Slayer Tintin
Socrates-no-pais-dos-Sovietes Schengen-Tintin Son-et-Ti-gars Tintin Tintin Souvient-by-Cabanes
By Cabanes
Start-of-Vacation Tintin
By Twigcyl
Faussaires-Tintin Goa Tintin Relapsing-Captain-by-Ted-McCagg
By Ted McCagg
Secret-of-the-Unicorn-Tintin Seitseman-Kristallipilloa Syrie-Tintin Tintin-by-jacques-tardi
By Jacques Tardi
Suisse Tintin 1 Suisse Tintin 2 Taliban Tintin 1 Taliban Tintin 2 Tamtam-les-voyages
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Tecknarna-Tintin Tehran-Maktaaq Tentation-de-Saint-Tintin Turkey Tenten Tibet-Abominables-Hommes-des-Neiges-Tintin
Tim-Tim Tintin Style Tintin Tintin-in-Love-by-Isuru
Next 2 by Isuru
Titanic Tintin Tontons-de-Tintin
Toulouse-Tintin Tour-de-Tintin-by-Leena-Kill
By Leena Kill
Tournesol-et-Hydrotryphonar Train-d'Enfer-by-bispro
By Bispro
Train-Express-4675 Tintin
Tintin-in-the-new-world-by-Litchenstein Transrama-Tintin-Reporter Tresor-des-Templiers-Tintin Troisieme-Millenaire-by-Jo-l'Indien-Tintin
By Jo l'Indien
Tintin Van-Voss Vervalsers-Tintin Vietnam Tintin Ville-Atomique Ville and Adultere Tintin
Click to see 2 variations
• • • Click on any image to see the largest available image • • •
Villiers-le-Bel-Tintin Vin-Chantegrive Tintin Yeti-a-bonne-mine-by-itomibhaa-Tintin
By Itomi Bhaa
By Jo Hell

Covers with other characters: Herge, Haddock, Judy, etc.
These covers are loosely based on Tintin books but feature other people and characters. There are many Blake and Mortimer covers similar to Tintin ones, but I did not included those.
By Stanislas Barthélémy
Herge-Treason Herge-Revanche Herge-et-la-Cinema-Tintin-by-Philippe-Lombard
By Philippe Lombard
By Bob Garcia
Bob Garcia/Harry Edwood
Rapt-de-la-Castafiore Nuits-de-la-Castafiore Thompson-Crown-Affair Calculus-the-Professor
Havelock-a-la-Rescousse Haddock-Strikes-Back Cronicles-of-Haddock Haddock-Incredible Haddock-mia
By Kurt Komoda
Left: On Kurt Komoda's blog, he says, "I did a quite bit of work on the clock tower, thinking it was such a nice composition before realizing that it would all be hidden behind the title scroll." Click the link above to check out more of Kurt's great illustrations.

Illustrations only, strange dimensions, or other wackiness
These covers feature Tintin but are overly wide or narrow. Others are drawings only with no type or lettering, or it is in the "wrong" place. Also here are covers that are just plain strange. If you want to go nuts over Tintin drawings like these, there are more than 13,000 of them on the Deviant Art web site. Check it out. BTW, there are many covers for horizontal format books but I had to stop someplace, so they are not included here.
Perou-et-les-pays-Andins Mauvaise-Influence-Tintin Helvetie-Tintin fat-tintin-demotivator-by-leenakill
By Leena Kill
By Marissa Greenfield (TandP)
Tintin-au-2000ad Paris Tintin Asterix-Meets-Tintin
Cretino Biby Tintin Splash-Tintin-by-TandP
2 by Marissa Greenfield
Little-Reporter-by-TandP Tintin City
Ceciest-uu-Faux-Tintin Hipster-Tintin-by-lamamama
By Lama Mama
By Deathly Dollies
tintin-minimalist Tintin-Nazi-Thug
By Juanele
Nous Tintin From Nous Tintin pg 9
From Nous Tintin, pg 9
From Nous Tintin pg 8
From Nous Tintin, pg 8

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(269 Covers)
 Similar Design 
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 Different Design 
(253 Covers)
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