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U.S. Plate Blocks 1954-1962 ~ (Scott 1029-1213)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF and either never hinged (nh) or lightly hinged (lh).
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Example plate blocks Scott 1029-1213

Cat #
Description Hinging   My
Hinging   My
10293c Columbia Univlh0.25nh SOLD 
1030½c Franklinlh SOLD nh0.17
10311c WashingtonlhSOLDnh0.10
1031A1¼c Palace GovernorslhSOLDnh0.18
10321½c Mt VernonlhSOLDnh0.53
10332c Jeffersonlh0.20nhSOLD
10342½c Bunker HilllhSOLDnh0.26
10353c Statue of LibertylhSOLDnh0.15
10364c LincolnlhSOLDnh0.22
10374½c Hermitagelh0.39nhSOLD
10385c Monroelh0.39nhSOLD
10396c Rooseveltlh0.71nhSOLD
10407c Wilsonlh0.85nhSOLD
10418c Statue of LibertylhSOLDnh1.13
10428c Statue of Libertylh0.67nhSOLD
1042A8c PershinglhSOLDnh0.80
10439c Alamolh1.11nhSOLD
104410c Independence Halllh0.80nhSOLD
1044A11c Statue of LibertylhSOLDnh0.88
104512c Harrisonlh1.19nhSOLD
104615c JaylhSOLDnh1.44
104720c MonticellolhSOLDnh1.40
104825c Reverelh2.60nhSOLD
104930c Leelh2.75nhSOLD
105040c MarshalllhSOLDnh3.65
105150c AnthonylhSOLDnh3.40
1052$1 HenrylhSOLDnh12.00
1053$5 HamiltonlhSOLDnh210.00
10603c Nebraska Territorylh0.30nh0.35
10613c Kansas Territorylh0.35nh0.40
10623c Eastmanlh0.25nhSOLD
10633c Lewis & Clarklh0.50nh0.58
10643c Penna Fine Artslh0.25nhSOLD
10653c Land Grant Collegeslh0.35nh0.40
10668c Rotary Int'llhSOLDnhSOLD
10673c Armed Forces Reservelh0.20nhSOLD
10683c New Hampshirelh0.35nhSOLD
10693c Soo Lockslh0.30nhSOLD
10703c Atoms for Peacelh0.30nh0.35
10713c Ft TiconderogalhSOLDnhSOLD
10723c MellonlhSOLDnhSOLD
10733c Franklinlh0.25nh0.30
10743c Booker T. Washingtonlh0.25nh0.30
10763c FIPEXlh0.25nh0.30
10773c Turkeylh0.25nhSOLD
10783c Antelopelh0.25nhSOLD
10793c Salmonlh0.30nh0.35
10803c Pure Food & Druglh0.30nh0.35
10813c Wheatlandlh0.25nh0.30
10823c Labor Daylh0.30nh0.35
10833c Nassau Halllh0.25nh0.30
10843c Devil's Towerlh0.35nh0.40
10853c Childrenlh0.25nh0.30
10863c HamiltonlhSOLDnhSOLD
10873c Poliolh0.25nh0.30
10883c Coast & Geodeticlh0.25nhSOLD
10893c Architectslh0.25nh0.30
10903c Steel Industrylh0.25nh0.30
10913c Naval Reviewlh0.25nh0.30
10923c Oklahomalh0.35nh0.40
10933c School Teacherslh0.25nh0.30
10944c FlaglhSOLDnhSOLD
10953c Shipbuildinglh0.25nhSOLD
10968c MagsaysaylhSOLDnh0.44
10973c Lafayettelh0.30nh0.35
10983c Wildlifelh0.25nh0.30
10993c Religious Freedomlh0.25nh0.30
11003c Gardeninglh0.25nh0.30
11043c Brussels Expolh0.25nh0.30
11053c Monroelh0.45nh0.53
11063c Minnesotalh0.30nhSOLD
11073c IGYlhSOLDnhSOLD
11083c Gunston HalllhSOLDnhSOLD
11093c Mackinac Bridgedg0.25nhSOLD
11104c Bolivarlh0.25nh0.29
11118c BolivarlhSOLDnh0.77
11124c Atlantic Cablelh0.25nhSOLD
11131c LincolnlhSOLDnh0.24
11143c LincolnlhSOLDnh0.35
11154c Lincoln-DouglaslhSOLDnh0.44
11164c Lincolnlh0.35nh0.41
11174c KossuthlhSOLDnh0.32
11188c KossuthlhSOLDnh0.71
11194c Freedom of Presslh0.30nh0.35
11204c Overland Maillh0.25nhSOLD
11214c Websterlh0.30nhSOLD
11224c Forest Conservationlh0.30nh0.35
11234c Ft Duquesnelh0.25nh0.30
11244c Oregonlh0.35nhSOLD
11254c San Martindg0.15nhSOLD
11268c San MartinlhSOLDnh0.71
11274c NATOlh0.18nh0.20
11284c Arctic Explorationlh0.25nhSOLD
11298c World TradelhSOLDnhSOLD
11304c Silverlh0.55nhSOLD
11314c St Lawrence Seawaylh0.20nh0.25
11324c Flaglh0.25nh0.30
11334c Soil Conservationlh0.25nh0.30
11344c Petroleum Industrylh0.35nhSOLD
11354c Dental Healthlh0.30nh0.35
11364c ReuterlhSOLDnh0.32
11378c ReuterlhSOLDnh0.71
11384c McDowelllh0.30nhSOLD
11394c Washington Credolh0.35nh0.40
11404c Franklin Credolh0.30nh0.35
11414c Jefferson Credolh0.35nh0.39
11424c Key Credolh0.35nh0.38
11434c Lincoln Credolh0.30nh0.35
11444c Henry CredolhSOLDnh0.39
11454c Boy ScoutslhSOLDnh0.40
11464c Winter Olympicslh0.30nh0.35
11474c Masaryklh0.25nh0.28
11488c MasaryklhSOLDnh0.71
11494c World Refugeelh0.25nh0.30
11504c Water Conservationlh0.30nh0.35
11514c SEATOlh0.25nh0.28
11524c American Womenlh0.25nh0.28
11534c 50-star flaglh0.25nhSOLD
11544c Pony Expresslh0.35nh0.41
11554c Handicappedlh0.25nh0.28
11564c World Forestrylh0.25nh0.28
11574c Mexicolh0.20nh0.27
11584c US-Japan Treatylh0.40nh0.59
11594c PaderewskilhSOLDnh0.29
11608c PaderewskilhSOLDnh0.71
11614c TaftlhSOLDnh0.38
11624c Wheels of Freedomlh0.30nh0.33
11634c Boys' Clubslh0.30nh0.35
11644c Automated P.O.lh0.30nh0.35
11654c Mannerheimlh0.23nh0.28
11668c MannerheimlhSOLDnh0.71
11674c Camp Fire GirlslhSOLDnhSOLD
11684c Garibaldilh0.20nh0.25
11698c GaribaldilhSOLDnh0.71
11704c Senator Georgelh0.30nh0.38
11714c Carnegielh0.30nh0.35
11724c Dulleslh0.30nh0.35
11734c Echo Ilh0.30nh0.35
11744c GandhilhSOLDnh0.30
11758c GandhilhSOLDnh0.68
11764c Range ConservationlhSOLDnh0.53
11774c GreeleylhSOLDnh0.35
11784c Ft SumterlhSOLDnh0.72
11794c Battle of Shilohlh0.45nh0.60
11805c Battle GettysburglhSOLDnh0.40
11815c Battle WildernesslhSOLDnh0.32
11825c AppomattoxlhSOLDnh0.35
11834c KansaslhSOLDnh0.32
11844c NorrislhSOLDnh0.30
11854c Naval AviationlhSOLDnh0.35
11864c Workmen's ComplhSOLDnh0.30
11874c RemingtonlhSOLDnh0.30
11884c ChinalhSOLDnh0.40
11894c Naismith BasketballlhSOLDnh0.39
11904c Nursingtiny tear0.30nhSOLD
11914c New Mexicolh0.30nh0.35
11924c Arizonalh0.30nh0.35
11934c Project Mercurylh0.30nh0.32
11944c Malaria Educationlh0.20nh0.27
11954c Hugheslh0.20nh0.27
11964c Seattle World's Fairlh0.25nh0.32
11974c LouisianalhSOLDnh0.35
11984c Homestead Actlh0.25nh0.28
11994c Girl Scoutslh0.25nh0.30
12004c McMahonlh0.25nh0.30
12014c Apprenticeshiplh0.25nh0.27
12024c RayburnlhSOLDnh0.31
12034c Hammarskjoldlh0.30nh0.27
12044c Hammarskjold errorlhSOLDnhSOLD
12054c Christmaslh0.20nh0.25
12064c Higher Educationlh0.25nh0.30
12074c Homerlh0.25nh0.30
12085c FlagnhSOLDnh0.25
12091c JacksonlhSOLDnh0.17
12135c WashingtonlhSOLDnh0.30
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1985. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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