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U.S. Plate Blocks 1963-1971 ~ (Scott 1230-1445)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF and either never hinged (nh) or lightly hinged (lh).
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Example plate blocks Scott 1230-1445

Cat #
Description Hinging   My
Hinging   My
12305c CarolinalhSOLDnh0.35
12315c Food for PeacelhSOLDnh0.32
12325c West VirginialhSOLDnh0.39
12335c EmancipationlhSOLDnh0.40
12345c Alliance for ProgresslhSOLDnh0.31
12355c Cordell HulllhSOLDnh0.35
12365c Eleanor RooseveltlhSOLDnh0.35
12375c SciencelhSOLDnh0.31
12385c City Mail DeliverylhSOLDnh0.34
12395c Red CrosslhSOLDnh0.33
12405c ChristmaslhSOLDnh0.32
12415c AudubonlhSOLDnh0.33
12425c Sam HoustonlhSOLDnh0.41
12435c Charles RusselllhSOLDnh0.32
12445c NY World's Fair, matched set of 4 PBs  lhSOLDnh2.00
12455c John MuirlhSOLDnh0.33
12465c John F. KennedylhSOLDnh0.35
12475c New JerseylhSOLDnh0.37
12485c NevadalhSOLDnh0.37
12495c Register & VotelhSOLDnh0.29
12505c ShakespearelhSOLDnh0.32
12515c Doctors MayolhSOLDnh0.35
12525c American MusiclhSOLDnh0.32
12535c HomemakerslhSOLDnh0.43
1254-575c ChristmaslhSOLDnh0.35
12585c Verrazano BridgelhSOLDnh0.33
12595c Fine ArtslhSOLDnh0.35
12605c Amateur RadiolhSOLDnh0.59
12615c Battle New OrleanslhSOLDnh0.44
12625c Sokol, FitnesslhSOLDnh0.32
12635c Cancer CrusadelhSOLDnh0.32
12645c ChurchilllhSOLDnh0.32
12655c Magna CartalhSOLDnh0.29
12665c Int'l CooperationlhSOLDnh0.37
12675c Salvation ArmylhSOLDnh0.33
12685c DantelhSOLDnh0.29
12695c Herbert HooverlhSOLDnh0.40
12705c Robert FultonlhSOLDnh0.32
12715c FloridalhSOLDnh0.35
12725c Traffic SafetylhSOLDnh0.31
12735c CopleylhSOLDnh0.36
127411c Int'l TelecommlhSOLDnh1.00
12755c Adlai StevensonlhSOLDnh0.31
12765c ChristmaslhSOLDnh0.36
12781c JeffersonnhSOLD
12791¼c GallatinnhSOLD
12802c Wrightnh0.13
12813c ParkmannhSOLD
12824c Lincolnnh0.28
12835c Washingtonnh0.32
1283B5c Washington - revisednh0.32
12846c Rooseveltnh0.38
12858c Einsteinnh0.71
128610c JacksonnhSOLD
1286A12c FordnhSOLD
128713c KennedynhSOLD
128815c Holmesnh1.05
128920c MarshallnhSOLD
129025c DouglasnhSOLD
129130c Deweynh2.33
129240c PainenhSOLD
129350c StonenhSOLD
1294$1 O'Neillnh5.84
1295$5 MoorenhSOLD
13065c Migratory BirdslhSOLDnh0.32
13075c Humane TreatmentlhSOLDnh0.35
13085c IndianalhSOLDnh0.44
13095c CircuslhSOLDnh0.35
13105c SIPEXlhSOLDnh0.30
13125c Bill of RightslhSOLDnh0.44
13135c PolandlhSOLDnh0.30
13145c Nat'l Park ServicelhSOLDnh0.40
13155c Marine ReserveslhSOLDnh0.58
13165c Women's ClubslhSOLDnh0.35
13175c Johnny AppleseedlhSOLDnh0.33
13185c BeautificationlhSOLDnh0.35
13195c Great River RoadlhSOLDnh0.35
13205c Savings BondslhSOLDnh0.35
13215c ChristmaslhSOLDnh0.27
13225c Mary CassattlhSOLDnh0.30
13235c National GrangelhSOLDnh0.31
13245c CanadalhSOLDnh0.32
13255c Erie CanallhSOLDnh0.35
13265c LionslhSOLDnh0.30
13275c ThoreaulhSOLDnhSOLD
13285c NebraskalhSOLDnh0.58
13295c Voice of AmericalhSOLDnhSOLD
13305c Davy CrockettlhSOLDnh0.42
1331-32Space Walk/Gemini 4lhSOLDnh1.25
13335c Urban PlanninglhSOLDnh0.32
13345c FinlandlhSOLDnh0.31
13355c Thomas EakinslhSOLDnh0.31
13365c ChristmaslhSOLDnh0.30
13375c MississippilhSOLDnh0.62
13386c FlaglhSOLDnh0.33
1338F8c Flag (20)lhSOLDnhSOLD
13396c IllinoislhSOLDnhSOLD
13406c HemisFairlhSOLDnh0.40
1341$1 AirliftlhSOLDnh8.50
13426c Youth - ElkslhSOLDnhSOLD
13436c Law & OrderlhSOLDnhSOLD
13446c Register & VotelhSOLDnh0.43
1345-546c Historic Flags (20)lhSOLDnhSOLD
13556c DisneylhSOLDnhSOLD
13566c MarquettelhSOLDnhSOLD
13576c Daniel BoonelhSOLDnhSOLD
13586c Arkansas RiverlhSOLDnhSOLD
13596c Leif EricksonlhSOLDnhSOLD
13606c Cherokee StriplhSOLDnhSOLD
13616c John TrumbulllhSOLDnhSOLD
13626c Waterfowl ConservelhSOLDnh0.53
13636c Christmas (25)lhSOLDnhSOLD
13646c American IndianlhSOLDnhSOLD
1365-686c BeautificationlhSOLDnhSOLD
13696c American LegionlhSOLDnh0.40
13706c Grandma MoseslhSOLDnh0.41
13716c Apollo 8lhSOLDnh0.80
13726c W.C. HandylhSOLDnhSOLD
13736c CalifornialhSOLDnhSOLD
13746c J.W. PowelllhSOLDnhSOLD
13756c AlabamalhSOLDnhSOLD
1376-796c Botanical CongresslhSOLDnhSOLD
13806c Dartmouth - WebsterlhSOLDnhSOLD
13816c BaseballlhSOLDnhSOLD
13826c FootballlhSOLDnhSOLD
13836c EisenhowerlhSOLDnhSOLD
13846c Christmas (25)lh2.25nhSOLD
13846c Precancel, 4 cities
4 blocks of 10 each
13856c Hope for CrippledlhSOLDnhSOLD
13866c Wm HarnettlhSOLDnh0.37
1387-906c Natural HistorynhSOLD
13916c MainenhSOLD
13926c Wildlife - BuffalonhSOLD
13936c EisenhowernhSOLD
1393D7c FranklinnhSOLD
13948c EisenhowernhSOLD
13968c Postal Service (12)nhSOLD
139714c LaGuardianhSOLD
139816c Ernie PylenhSOLD
139918c BlackwellnhSOLD
140021c GiannininhSOLD
14056c Edgar Mastersnh0.44
14066c Women SuffragenhSOLD
14076c South CarolinanhSOLD
14086c Stone MountainnhSOLD
14096c Ft SnellingnhSOLD
1410-136c Anti-pollution (10)nhSOLD
14146c Christmas, Nativity (8)nhSOLD
14146c Precancel (8)nhSOLD
1415-186c Christmas, Toys (10)nhSOLD
1415-186c Precancel (8)nhSOLD
14196c UNnhSOLD
14206c PilgrimsnhSOLD
1421-226c POW, MIA, Veteransnh0.59
14236c Wool IndustrynhSOLD
14246c MacArthurnhSOLD
14256c Blood Donornh0.40
14268c Missouri (12)nhSOLD
1427-308c Wildlife ConservationnhSOLD
14318c Antarctic treatynhSOLD
14328c Amer RevolutionnhSOLD
14338c John SloannhSOLD
1434-358c Space AchievementnhSOLD
14368c Emily DickinsonnhSOLD
14378c San JuannhSOLD
14388c Drug Abuse (6)nhSOLD
14388c Drug Abuse (10)nh1.03
14398c CARE (8)nhSOLD
1440-438c Historic PreservationnhSOLD
14448c Christmas (20)nhSOLD
14458c Christmas, secular (20)nh1.92
14458c Christmas, secular (14)nhSOLD
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1985. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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