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U.S. Airmail Plate Blocks 1937-1991
(Scott C21-C129 ~ CE1-CE2)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF. Most are never hinged (nh) while some are lightly hinged (lh). Some blocks are in multiples higher than the "official" block size, for example 20 stamps instead of 12 so that you get all the marginal inscriptions. The additional stamps in the block are priced at face value, so you can leave them on or tear them off and use them for postage if you wish.
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Plate blocks Scott C21-C24

Cat #
Description Block Size
Cond, Hinge
C2120c China Clipper10, vf, nhSOLD
C2250c China Clipper10, vf, nhSOLD
C236c Eagle and shield4, f, nh4.00
C2430c Winged globe6, f-vf, nh110.00
C256c Twin-motor transport4, f-vf, lh0.40
C268c Twin-motor transport4, vf, lh0.80
C2710c Twin-motor transport4, vf, lh3.50
C2815c Twin-motor transport4, vf, dg3.00
C2920c Twin-motor transport4, vf, lh5.50
C3030c Twin-motor transport4, vf, lh6.25
C3150c Twin-motor transport4, vf, lh40.00
C325c DC-4 Skymaster4, vf, nh0.31
C325c DC-4 Skymaster4, vf, lh0.27
C335c DC-4 Skymaster, small4, vf, nh0.50
C335c DC-4 Skymaster, small4, vf, lh0.45
C3410c Pan Am Union Bldg4, vf, lhSOLD
C3515c Statue of Liberty4, vf, lhSOLD
C3625c Bay Bridge4, vf, lhSOLD
C385c New York City4, vf, lhSOLD
C396c DC-4 Skymaster, small4, vf, nh0.44
C396c DC-4 Skymaster, small4, vf, lh0.40
C406c Alexandria, Virginia4, vf, lhSOLD
C4210c Post Office Building4, vf, lhSOLD
C4315c Globe and doves4, vf, nh1.00
C4315c Globe and doves4, vf, hr0.80
C4425c Boeing Stratocruiser4, vf, hr2.00
C456c Wright Brothers4, vf, nhSOLD
C4680c Diamond Head, Hawaii4, f-vf, nh16.00
C476c Powered flight4, vf, nh0.45
C484c Eagle in flight4, vf, lhSOLD
C496c Air Force4, vf, nh0.60
C496c Air Force4, vf, lh0.50
C505c Eagle in flight4, vf, lhSOLD
C517c Jet airliner silhouette4, vf, lhSOLD
C537c Alaska statehood4, vf, lhSOLD
C547c Balloon Jupiter4, vf, nh1.60
C557c Hawaii statehood4, vf, nh0.85
C557c Hawaii statehood4, vf, lh0.76
C5610c Pan American Games4, vf, nh0.85
C5610c Pan American Games4, vf, lh0.76
C5710c Liberty Bell4, vf, lh1.75
C5815c Statue of Liberty4, vf, lh1.08
C5925c Abraham Lincoln4, vf, nh1.64
C607c Jet airliner silhouette, red4, vf, lhSOLD
C6213c Liberty Bell4, vf, nhSOLD
C6315c Statue of Liberty4, vf, lhSOLD
C648c Jetliner over Capitol4, vf, nh0.40
C648c Jetliner over Capitol4, vf, lh0.36
C6615c Montgomery Blair4, vf, lh1.10
C676c Bald eagle4, vf, nhSOLD
C688c Amelia Earhart4, vf, nh0.85
C688c Amelia Earhart4, vf, lh0.75
C698c Robert Goddard4, vf, lhSOLD
C708c Alaska Purchase4, vf, nh0.88
C7120c Columbia Jays, Audubon4, vf, lhSOLD
C7210c 50-star runway4, vf, nhSOLD
C7410c US Airmail Service4, vf, nhSOLD
C7520c USA and jet4, vf, lhSOLD
C7610c Moon landing4, vf, nhSOLD
C779c Delta wing plane4, vf, nh0.65
C7811c Jet airliner silhouette4, vf, nhSOLD
C7913c Winged airmail envelope4, vf, nhSOLD
C8017c Statue of Liberty4, vf, nh1.00
C8121c USA and jet4, vf, nh1.20
C8411c City of Refuge, Hawaii4, vf, nh0.75
C8511c Olympic Skiing10, vf, nhSOLD
C8511c Olympic Skiing20, vf, nhSOLD
C8611c DeForest Audions4, vf, nh0.80
C8718c Statue of Liberty4, vf, nh1.25
C8826c Mount Rushmore
Matched set of four (plt 34860)
4, vf, nh8.00
C8925c Plane and globes4, vf, nh1.50
C9031c Plane, globes, flag4, vf, nh1.65
C91-9231c Wright Brothers4, vf, nhSOLD
C93-9421c Octave Chanute, glider4, vf, nhSOLD
C95-9625c Wiley Post4, vf, nhSOLD
C9731c Olympic High Jump20, vf, nhSOLD
C9840c Philip Mazzei20, vf, nhSOLD
C9928c Blanche Stuart Scott20, vf, nhSOLD
C10035c Glen Curtis20, vf, nhSOLD
C101-0428c Summer Olympic Games4, vf, nhSOLD
C105-0840c Sumemr Olympic Games4, vf, nhSOLD
C109-1235c Summer Olympic Games4, vf, nhSOLD
C11333c Alfred Verville4, vf, nhSOLD
C11439c Lawrence & Elmer Sperry4, vf, nh3.15
C11544c Transpacific Airmail4, vf, nhSOLD
C11644c Junipero Serra4, vf, nhSOLD
C11744c New Sweden4, vf, nh4.05
C11845c Samuel Langley4, vf, nhSOLD
C11936c Igor Sikorsky4, vf, nhSOLD
C12045c French Revolution4, vf, nhSOLD
C12145c SW carved wood figure4, vf, nhSOLD
C122-2545c Future mail transportation4, vf, nhSOLD
C12745c Tropical coast4, vf, nhSOLD
C12850c Harriet Quimby4, vf, nhSOLD
C12940c William Piper4, vf, nhSOLD
Airmail Special Delivery
CE116c Great seal of the USA6, f-vf, nhSOLD
CE216c Great seal, red and blue4, vf, nhSOLD
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1990. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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