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U.S. Plate Blocks 1980-1984 ~ (Scott 1803-2109)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF and never hinged (nh). Some are in multiples higher than the "official" block size, for example 10 stamps instead of 8 or 20 instead of 12. These are indicated by 8 (10) or 12 (20). The additional stamps in the block are priced at face value, so you can leave them on or tear them off and use them for postage if you wish. Blocks of 20 include both plate block and Mr. Zip (or use Zip Code) block. Some blocks are smaller than the "official" size of 20 and are priced accordingly.
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Cat #
Description Official Block Size
(Actual Block Size)
180315c W.C. Fields12 (16)2.93
180415c Banneker12 (16)3.26
180415c Banneker12 (20)3.86
1805-1015c Letter Writing36 (60)SOLD
1818(18c) B stamp40.94
182115c Francis Perkins40.89
182215c Dolley Madison41.13
182315c Emily Bissell40.88
182415c Helen Keller40.86
182515c Veterans Admin4 (6)1.09
182515c Veterans Admin4 (10)1.69
182515c Veterans Admin4 (20)3.19
182615c de Galvez40.86
1827-3015c Coral Reefs12 (16)SOLD
183115c Organized Labor12 (16)3.11
183215c Edith Wharton4SOLD
183315c Education6 (8)1.70
183315c Education6 (10)2.00
183315c Education6 (12)2.30
1834-3715c Indian Masks10SOLD
1838-4115c Architecture4SOLD
184215c Madonna & Child12 (16)3.20
184315c Wreath & toys20SOLD
18441c Dorothea Dix6SOLD
18452c Stravinsky40.20
18463c Henry Clay4SOLD
18474c Carl Schurz40.65
18485c Pearl Buck41.16
18485c Pearl Buck4 (6)1.26
18496c Lippman6 (4)1.00
18507c Baldwin6SOLD
18518c Henry Knox4SOLD
18529c Thayer6 (4)0.85
185310c Russell20SOLD
185411c Partridge4SOLD
185513c Crazy Horse4SOLD
185614c Sinclair Lewis20SOLD
185717c Rachel Carson41.50
185818c George Mason42.00
185919c Sequoyah42.20
186020c Ralph Bunche4SOLD
186120c Gallaudet4SOLD
186220c Harry Truman6SOLD
186220c Harry Truman6 (4)1.67
186322c John Audubon6 (20)SOLD
186430c Frank Laubach20SOLD
186535c Charles Drew4SOLD
186637c Robert Millikan4SOLD
186739c Grenville Clark6SOLD
186840c Lillian Gilbreth20SOLD
186950c Chester Nimitz43.25
187415c Dirksen40.88
187515. Whitney Young40.98
1876-7915c Flowers4SOLD
189018c Flag and Anthem6 (20)SOLD
189420c Flag Supreme Court6 (18)SOLD
191018c Amer Red Cross41.43
191118c Savings & Loan41.43
1912-1918c Space Achievement48SOLD
192018c Professional Management41.16
1921-2418c Save Wetlands4SOLD
192518c Disabled41.16
192618c Millay41.26
192718c Alcoholism6SOLD
1928-3118c Architecture4SOLD
193218c Babe Zaharias42.03
193318c Bobby Jones4SOLD
193418c Frederick Remington4 (6)1.79
193518c James Hoban41.34
193620c James Hoban41.58
1937-3818c Yorktown, VA Capes4 (6)SOLD
193920c Madonna & Child41.31
194020c Bears on Sleigh4 (6)1.74
194120c John Hanson41.43
1942-4520c Desert Plants4SOLD
1946(20c) C stamp41.35
195020c Franklin Roosevelt41.34
195120c Love41.16
195220c Washington4SOLD
1953-200220c State Birds & Flowers50SOLD
200320c Netherlands20SOLD
200420c Library of Congress41.34
2006-0920c Knoxville Worlds Fair42.03
201020c Horatio Alger41.35
201120c Aging Together41.35
201220c The Barrymores41.35
201320c Dr. Mary Walker41.35
201420c Int'l Peace Garden41.76
201420c Int'l Peace Garden4 (6)2.15
201520c Libraries41.35
201620c Jackie Robinson43.58
201720c Touro Synagogue20 (8)3.95
201820c Wolf Trap Farm41.35
2019-2220c Architecture4SOLD
202320c Francis of Assisi41.31
202420c Ponce de Leon20SOLD
202513c Puppy & Kitten40.88
202620c Madonna & Child41.69
2027-3020c Children Greetings41.88
203120c Science & Industry41.34
2032-3520c Balloons41.58
203620c Sweden Treaty41.34
203720c Civilian Conservation41.34
203820c Joseph Priestley41.43
203920c Volunteerism20 (6)2.29
204020c Concord German41.34
204120c Brooklyn Bridge41.34
204120c Tennessee Valley20 (8)2.99
204320c Physical Fitness20 (4)1.49
204320c Physical Fitness20 (6)2.29
204420c Scott Joplin41.67
204520c Medal of Honor41.76
204620c Babe Ruth44.48
204720c Hawthorne41.52
2048-5113c Summer Olympics41.43
205220c Treaty of Paris41.43
205320c Civil Service20 (6)1.99
205420c Metropolitan Opera4SOLD
2055-5820c Inventors41.88
2059-6220c Streetcars42.03
206320c Madonna & Child41.52
206420c Santa Claus20 (6)2.29
206420c Santa Claus20 (14)4.98
206520c Martin Luther41.43
206620c Alaska41.52
2067-7020c Winter Olympics41.78
207120c FDIC41.61
207220c Love20 (8)2.79
207220c Love20 (12)3.59
207320c Carter Woodson41.52
207420c Soil & Water41.43
207520c Credit Union41.43
2076-7920c Orchids41.62
208020c Hawaii41.61
208120c National Archives41.70
2082-8520c Summer Olympics41.76
208620c Louisiana Exposition41.78
208720c Health Research41.70
208820c Douglas Fairbanks20 (8)4.49
208820c Douglas Fairbanks2011.66
208920c Jim Thorpe42.84
209020c John McCormack41.61
209120c St. Lawrence Seaway41.52
209220c Migratory Bird42.03
209320c Roanoke Voyages4SOLD
209420c Herman Melville41.52
209520c Horace Moses20 (6)2.39
209520c Horace Moses208.55
209620c Smokey the Bear41.78
209720c Roberto Clemente43.58
2098-210120c Dogs4SOLD
210220c Crime Prevention41.70
210320c Hispanics41.70
210420c Family Unity20 (8)2.79
210420c Family Unity207.18
210520c Eleanor Roosevelt41.61
210620c Nation of Readers41.61
210720c Madonna & Child41.70
210820c Santa Claus41.70
210920c Vietnam Memorial42.24
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1985. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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