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U.S. Plate Blocks 1985-1995 ~ (Scott 2110-3032)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF and never hinged (nh). Some are in multiples higher than the "official" block size, for example 20 stamps instead of 4 so that you get all the marginal inscriptions. These are indicated by 4 (20). The additional stamps in the block are priced at face value, so you can leave them on or tear them off and use them for postage if you wish. Some blocks are smaller than the official size too.
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Cat #
Description Official Block Size
(Actual Block Size)
211022c Jerome Kern41.75
2111D (22c) stamp 64.50
211422c Flag over Capitol41.90
213722c Mary Bethune43.25
2138-4122c Duck decoys44.50
214222c Special Olympics41.75
214322c Love41.70
214422c REA20 (6)2.00
214422c REA20 (8)2.50
214522c Ameripex 8641.75
214622c Abigail Adams42.00
214722c F.A. Bartholdi41.90
214722c F.A. Bartholdi4 (6)2.30
215222c Veterans of Korea42.50
215322c Social Security Act41.90
215422c Veterans WWI42.25
2155-5822c Horses47.50
215922c Public Education42.75
216422c Help End Hunger42.00
216522c Robbia Madonna & Child     41.75
216622c Season's Greetings41.70
216722c Arkansas Statehood43.75
21681c Margaret Mitchell40.25
21692c Mary Lyon40.30
21703c Paul Dudley White40.50
21714c Father Flanagan40.60
21725c Hugo Black41.00
21735c Luis Marin4 (20)1.75
217510c Red Cloud41.10
217614c Julia Ward Howe41.50
2177a15c Buffalo Bill Cody43.25
217817c Belva Ann Lockwood42.00
218021c Chester Carlson42.50
218123c Mary Cassatt42.50
218225c Jack London42.75
218328c Sitting Bull43.50
218635c Dennis Chavez4 (20)10.00
218740c Claire Chennault4 (20)11.00
218845c Harvey Cushing45.00
2188a45c (overall tagging)417.50
218952c Hubert Humphrey47.50
219056c John Harvard47.00
219165c Hap Arnold46.50
219275c Wendell Willkie47.50
2193$1 Bernard Revel 415.00
2194$1 Johns Hopkins412.00
2195$2 William Jennings420.00
2196$5 Bret Harte442.50
220222c Love42.75
220322c Sojourner Truth42.75
220422c Republic of Texas42.75
221022c Public Hospitals4 (6)2.19
221122c Duke Ellington41.90
2220-2322c Arctic Explorers44.50
222422c Statue of Liberty42.25
2235-3822c Navajo Art44.25
223922c T.S. Eliot42.75
2240-4322c Wood Carving43.75
224422c Perugino Madonna & Child42.00
224522c Greetings41.90
224622c Michigan Statehood42.75
224722c Pan American Games41.90
224822c Love41.00
224922c Jean B.P. Du Sable42.60
225022c Enrico Caruso41.90
225122c Girl Scouts41.90
227522c United Way41.90
227622c Flag & fireworks41.90
2277E (25c) stamp 42.00
227825c Flag with clouds41.90
233622c Delaware42.75
233722c Pennsylvania42.75
233822c New Jersey42.75
233922c Georgia42.75
234022c Connecticut42.75
234122c Massachusetts42.75
234222c Maryland42.75
234325c South Carolina42.75
234425c New Hampshire42.75
234525c Virginia42.75
234622c New York42.75
234725c North Carolina42.75
234825c Rhode Island43.00
234922c Morocco41.75
235022c William Faulkner4SOLD
2351-5422c Lacemaking43.25
236022c U.S. Constitution42.75
236122c CPA47.50
236722c Moroni Madonna & Child42.25
236822c Greetings42.10
236922c Winter Olympics41.75
237022c Australia42.10
237122c James Weldon Johnson42.60
2372-7522c Cats block44.00
237622c Knute Rockne42.60
237725c Francis Ouimet43.00
237825c Love42.25
237945c Love43.75
238025c Olympic Games42.25
2386-8925c Antarctic Explorers44.50
2390-9325c Carousel Animals44.00
239925c Botticelli Madonna & Child42.25
240025c Greetings42.25
240125c Montana42.75
240225c A. Philip Randolph42.25
240325c North Dakota42.25
240425c Washington Statehood42.25
241025c World Stamp Expo42.25
241125c Arturo Toscanini42.25
241225c House of Representatives42.25
241325c U.S. Senate42.75
241425c Executive Branch42.25
241525c Supreme Court42.25
241625c South Dakota42.75
241725c Lou Gehrig4SOLD
241825c Hemmingway4SOLD
242025c Letter Carriers42.25
242125c Bill of Rights43.25
2422-2525c Dinosaurs44.00
242625c Southwest Carved Art43.00
242725c Carracci Madonna & Child42.25
242825c Greetings42.25
2434-3725c Classic Mail Transportation43.75
243925c Idaho Statehood42.75
244025c Love42.25
244225c Ida B. Wells43.75
244425c Wyoming Statehood42.25
2445-4825c Classic Films46.50
244925c Marianne Moore42.75
247919c Fawn41.75
2482$2 Bobcat414.00
2506-0725c Micrtonesia/Marshall Islands42.00
2508-1125c Sea Creatures42.50
251225c Grand Canyon42.75
251325c Dwight Eisenhower4 (16)8.00
251425c Antonello Madonna & Child42.25
251525c Greetings42.25
2517F (29c) stamp 42.75
2521(4c) Makeup rate stamp40.40
253129c Flags on parade42.75
253250c Switzerland45.00
253329c Vermont Statehood44.50
253429c Savings Bonds42.75
253529c Love42.75
253752c Love44.50
253825c William Saroyan47.39
2590$1 Victory at Saratoga47.60
261829c Love42.75
281552c Love birds45.00
2877(3c) Dove makeup rate40.30
296632c POW - MIA42.50
30322c Red headed Woodpecker40.25
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1985. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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