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U.S. Plate Blocks 1972-1979 ~ (Scott 1446-1802)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF and never hinged (nh). Some are in multiples higher than the "official" block size, for example 10 stamps instead of 8 or 20 instead of 12. These are indicated by 8 (10) or 12 (20). The additional stamps in the block are priced at face value, so you can leave them on or tear them off and use them for postage if you wish. Blocks of 20 include both plate block and Mr. Zip (or use Zip Code) block.
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Cat #
Description Official Block Size
(Actual Block Size)
14468c Sidney Lanier4SOLD
14478c Peace Corps6SOLD
14478c Peace Corps6 (10)0.97
1448-512c Cape Hattares40.44
14526c National Parks40.35
14538c Yellowstone40.33
145415c Mt McKinley40.87
14558c Family Planning4SOLD
1456-598c Colonial Craftsmen40.59
14606c Olympic Cyclist100.85
14618c Olympic Bobsled100.89
14618c Olympic Bobsled10 (20)1.69
146215c Olympic Runners102.51
146215c Olympic Runners10 (20)4.00
14638c PTA40.50
14638c PTA4 (6)0.66
1464-678c Wildlife40.86
14688c Mail Order12 (16)1.67
14688c Mail Order12 (20)1.98
14698c Osteopathy60.88
14698c Osteopathy6 (8)1.04
14708c Tom Sawyer4SOLD
14718c Christmas12 (10)1.00
14718c Christmas12 (20)1.80
14728c Christmas121.25
14728c Christmas12 (20)1.89
14738c Pharmacy40.44
14748c Stamp Collecting40.44
14758c Love60.50
14758c Love6 (8)0.66
14758c Love6 (10)0.82
14768c Pamphleteer40.41
14778c Broadside40.41
14788c Post Rider4SOLD
14798c Drummer4SOLD
1480-838c Boston Tea Party40.44
14848c George Gershwin12 (16)SOLD
14858c Robinson Jeffers12 (16)1.57
14868c Henry Tanner12 (16)1.57
14878c Willa Cather12 (16)2.57
14888c Copernicus40.42
1489-988c Postal People202.15
14998c Harry Truman40.59
15006c Electronics40.41
15018c Electronics40.43
150215c Electronics40.96
15038c Lyndon Johnson12 (16)2.21
15048c Angus Cattle40.35
150510c Chautauqua40.49
150610c Winter Wheat40.53
15078c Christmas12 (14)1.38
15078c Christmas12 (20)1.86
15088c Christmas12 (14)1.38
15088c Christmas12 (20)1.86
150910c Crossed flags203.14
151010c Jefferson Memorial40.49
151110c Zip Code8 (20)2.15
152510c VFW4SOLD
152610c Robert Frost40.53
152710c Expo '7412 (16)2.82
152810c Horse Racing12 (20)3.12
152910c Skylab40.45
1530-3710c UPU16SOLD
1538-4110c Minerals40.45
154210c Kentucky40.53
1543-4610c Continental Congress40.53
154710c Energy Conservation40.50
154810c Sleepy Hollow40.50
154910c Retarded Children40.48
155010c Christmas10 (20)2.26
155110c Christmas12 (20)2.19
155210c Christmas Dove12SOLD
155310c Benjamin West10 (20)2.43
155410c Paul Dunbar10 (20)2.70
155510c D.W. Griffith40.50
155610c Pioneer-Jupiter40.49
155710c Mariner 1040.49
155810c Collective Bargaining8 (10)SOLD
15598c Sybil Ludington10 (12)1.23
15598c Sybil Ludington10 (20)1.87
156010c Salem Poor10 (20)2.16
156110 Haym Salomon10 (20)2.31
156218c Peter Francisco10 (20)4.31
156310c Lexington-Concord12 (16)1.92
156410c Bunker Hill12 (16)1.92
1565-6810c Continental Uniforms12SOLD
1569-7010c Apollo-Soyuz12 (24)SOLD
157110c Int'l Women's Year6 (8)1.00
1572-7510c USPS12SOLD
1572-7510c USPS12 (18)2.30
157610c Peace through Law4SOLD
1577-7810c Banking-Commerce40.59
1579(10c) Christmas12 (14)1.69
1580(10c) Christmas12 (20)2.20
15811c Inkwell - dull gum40.14
15822c Speaker's Stand - dull gum40.17
15843c Ballot Box - dull gum40.26
15854c Books, eyeglasses4SOLD
15919c Capitol Dome4SOLD
159210c Justice40.68
159311c Printing Press4SOLD
159412c Torch4SOLD
159613c Eagle & shield12SOLD
159613c Eagle & shield12 (20)2.82
159715c Flag6SOLD
159916c Statue of Liberry4SOLD
160324c Old North Church4SOLD
160428c Ft Nisqually4SOLD
160529c Lighthouse43.38
160630c Schoolhouse4SOLD
160850c Betty Lamp43.14
1610$1 Rush Lamp46.26
1611$2 Kerosene Lamp413.04
1612$5 Railroad Lantern426.96
162213c 13-star Flag20SOLD
1629-3113c Spirit of '7612 (20)3.10
163213c Interphil '7640.71
1633-8213c State Flags20 (50)SOLD
168313c Telephone40.79
168413c Commercial Aviation10SOLD
168413c Commercial Aviation10 (20)2.95
168513c Chemistry12SOLD
168513c Chemistry12 (20)3.28
169013c Franklin40.68
1691-9413c Declaration12 (20)SOLD
1695-9813c Olympics12SOLD
1695-9813c Olympics12 (20)3.37
169913c Clara Maass12 (16)3.63
170013 Adolph Ochs40.68
170113c Christmas12 (20)2.74
170213c Christmas10 (20)2.99
170313c Christmas204.55
170413c Washigton-Princeton10SOLD
170413c Washigton-Princeton10 (16)2.90
170513c Souund Recording40.86
1706-0913c Pueblo Art101.70
171013c Lindbergh12SOLD
171013c Lindbergh12 (20)3.28
171113c Colorado12SOLD
171113c Colorado12 (20)3.19
1712-1513c Butterflies12SOLD
1712-1513c Butterflies12 (20)3.07
171613c Lafayette40.86
1717-2013c Skilled Hands12SOLD
1717-2013c Skilled Hands12 (20)3.09
172113c Peace Bridge40.68
172213c Battle Oriskany10SOLD
172213c Battle Oriskany10 (16)2.39
1723-2413c Energy Conservation12SOLD
1723-2413c Energy Conservation12 (16)2.48
172513c Alta California40.69
172613c Articles Confederation40.77
172713c Talking Pictures40.77
172813c Surrender at Saratoga10SOLD
172813c Surrender at Saratoga10 (16)2.13
172913c Christmas20 (16)4.75
173013c Christmas10 (20)2.88
173113c Carl Sandberg40.86
173213c Captain Cook40.77
173213c Captain Cook204.00
173313c Resolution, Discovery40.77
173313c Resolution, Discovery204.00
173213c Capt Cook & ships40.75
173413c Indian Head Penny40.68
1735A Rate40.86
1735A Rate - matched set of 443.60
174413c Harriet Tubman12 (16)SOLD
1745-4813c American Quilts12SOLD
1749-5213c American Dance122.59
175313c French Alliance4SOLD
175413c Papanicolaou4SOLD
175513c Jimmy Rodgers12SOLD
175513c Jimmy Rodgers12 (20)4.27
175615c George Cohan12 (16)SOLD
175815c Photography12SOLD
175815c Photography12 (16)2.81
175915c Viking Missions40.88
175915c Viking - Matched set of 443.60
1760-6315c American Owls4 (8)1.49
1760-6315c Owls - Matched set of 44 (8)3.70
1764-6715c American Trees12SOLD
176815c Christmas12 (20)3.53
176915c Christmas12 (20)3.71
177015c Robert Kennedy4SOLD
177115c Martin L. King12 (16)SOLD
177215c Year of Child40.78
177215c Child - Matched set of 443.30
177315c Steinbeck - Matched set of 443.30
177415c Albert Einstein41.07
177415c Einstein - Matched set of 444.50
1775-7815c Toleware10 (12)SOLD
1779-8215c Architecture - Matched set of 444.75
1783-8615c Endangered Flora12 (16)SOLD
178715c Seeing Eye Dogs204.85
178715c Seeing Eye Dogs20 (14)2.55
178715c Seeing Eye Dogs20 (12)2.25
178815c Special Olympics10 (20)3.47
178915c John Paul Jones10 (16)2.66
178915c John Paul Jones10 (20)3.26
179010c Olympic Javelin12 (20)2.92
1791-9415c Summer Olympics12 (20)4.25
1795-9815c Winter Olympics12 (20)4.34
179915c Christmas12 (20)3.71
179915c Christmas12 (10)1.70
180015c Christmas12 (20)3.71
180115c Will Rogers12SOLD
180215c Vietnam Veterans10 (20)SOLD
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1985. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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