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U.S. Plate Blocks 1940-1953 ~ (Scott 859-1028)
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      The plate blocks listed below are from my personal collection. All are VF or F-VF. Hinging notes: nh = never hinged, lh = lightly hinged, mh = hinged, dg = disturbed gum.
      I have decided to downsize my collection and sell off thousands of stamps, plate blocks, souvenir sheets, mint sheets, First Day Covers, WWII patriotic covers, autographed covers, inaugurals, and lots of other items. Some will be sold on my web site and others auctioned. If you have any interest in these plate blocks (or other items), please send me an e-mail to SwapMeetdave@aol.com.
      Items are priced to sell fast, well under dealer prices and considerably less than those in auctions, i.e., cheap! Items are selling at a brisk pace, so place your order now.
      All items will be sent by first class or Priority Mail. You, the buyer, pay only the exact postage plus 50c per order for packaging and handling.

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Example plate blocks Scott 859-1027

Cat #
Description Hinging   My
Hinging   My
8591c IrvingnhSOLD
8602c CoopernhSOLD
8613c EmersonnhSOLD
8625c AlcottnhSOLD
86310c ClemensnhSOLD
8641c LongfellownhSOLD
8652c WhittiernhSOLD
8663c LowellnhSOLD
8675c WhitmannhSOLD
86810c RileynhSOLD
8691c MannnhSOLD
8702c HopkinsnhSOLD
8713c EliotnhSOLD
8725c Willardnh6.00
87310c WashingtonnhSOLD
8741c AudubonnhSOLD
8752c LongnhSOLD
8763c BurbanknhSOLD
8775c ReednhSOLD
87810c AddamsnhSOLD
8791c FosternhSOLD
8802c SousanhSOLD
8813c HerbertnhSOLD
8825c MacDowellnhSOLD
88310c NevinnhSOLD
8841c StuartnhSOLD
8852c WhistlernhSOLD
8863c St GaudinsnhSOLD
8875c Frenchnh4.39
88810c Remingtonnh11.50
8891c WhitneynhSOLD
8902c MorsenhSOLD
8913c McCormicknhSOLD
8925c Howenh8.00
89310c BellnhSOLD
8943c Pony ExpresslhSOLD
8953c Pan Am Unionlh1.35
8963c Idaholh1.25
8973c Wyominglh1.35
8983c Coronadolh1.35
8991c Statue LibertylhSOLD
9002c Antiaircraft gunlhSOLD
9013c TorchlhSOLD
9023c 13th Amendmentlh1.35
9033c Vermontlh1.65
9043c Kentuckylh0.80
9053c Win the WarSOLD
9065c Chineselh3.25
9072c Allied Nationslh0.15nh0.20
9081c Four freedomslh0.40
9095c PolandlhSOLD
9105c CzechoslovakialhSOLD
9115c NorwaylhSOLD
9125c LuxembourglhSOLD
9135c NetherlandslhSOLD
9145c BelgiumlhSOLD
9155c FrancelhSOLD
9165c GreecelhSOLD
9175c YugoslavialhSOLD
9185c AlbanialhSOLD
9195c AustrialhSOLD
9205c DenmarklhSOLD
9215c KorealhSOLD
9223c RailroadlhSOLD
9233c SteamshiplhSOLD
9243c TelegraphlhSOLD
9253c PhilippineslhSOLD
9263c Motion PicturelhSOLD
9273c Floridalh0.60nhSOLD
9285c United Nationslh0.30nhSOLD
9293c Iwo Jimalh1.29nhSOLD
9301c Rooseveltlh0.20nhSOLD
9312c Rooseveltlh0.30nhSOLD
9323c Rooseveltlh0.30nhSOLD
9335c RooseveltlhSOLDnhSOLD
9343c ArmylhSOLDnhSOLD
9353c Navymh, dg0.30nhSOLD
9363c Coast Guardlh0.30nhSOLD
9373c Alfred Smithlh0.30nhSOLD
9383c TexaslhSOLDnhSOLD
9393c Merchant Marinelh0.30nhSOLD
9403c WWII Veteranslh0.30nh0.35
9413c Tennesseelh0.30nhSOLD
9423c Iowalh0.30nhSOLD
9433c Smithsonianlh0.30nh0.35
9443c Kearneylh0.30nhSOLD
9453c Edisonlh0.30nhSOLD
9463c Pulitzerlh0.25nhSOLD
9473c Postage Stamplh0.20nh0.25
947Autographed by Edward Grove,
Washington Portrait artist
Plate blk of 12
94815c Souvenir sheetlhSOLDnhSOLD
9493c DoctorslhSOLDnhSOLD
9503c Utahlh0.45nh0.55
9513c Constitutionlh0.20nh0.25
9523c Evergladeslh0.25nhSOLD
9533c Carverlh0.30nh0.35
9543c Calif Goldlh0.25nh0.32
9553c Mississippilh0.25nhSOLD
9563c Four Chaplainslh0.50nhSOLD
9573c WisconsinlhSOLDnhSOLD
9585c Swedish Pioneerslh0.30nhSOLD
9593c WomenlhSOLDnhSOLD
9603c Whitelh0.30nhSOLD
9613c US-Canadalh0.30nh0.35
9623c Francis Scott Keylh0.23nhSOLD
9633c Youth Monthlh0.30nh0.35
9643c Oregonlh0.50nhSOLD
9653s Harlan Stonelh0.35nhSOLD
9663s PalomarlhSOLDnhSOLD
9673c Clara BartonlhSOLDnhSOLD
9683c Poultrylh0.35nh0.40
9693c Gold Star Motherslh0.30nh0.35
9703c Ft Kearneylh0.35nhSOLD
9713c FiremenlhSOLDnhSOLD
9723c Indianlh0.35nhSOLD
9733c Rough Riderslh0.35nhSOLD
9743c Juliette LowlhSOLDnhSOLD
9753c RogerslhSOLDnhSOLD
9763c Ft BlisslhSOLDnhSOLD
9773c Moina Michaellh0.30nh0.35
9783c Gettysburg Addresslh0.35nhSOLD
9793c Amer Turnerslh0.20nh0.25
9803c J C Harrislh0.35nhSOLD
9813c Minnesotalh0.30nhSOLD
9823c Wash & Leelh0.20nh0.25
9833c Puerto Ricolh0.30nhSOLD
9843c Annapolislh0.25nhSOLD
9853c G.A.R.lhSOLDnhSOLD
9863c Poelh0.30nh0.35
9873c Amer Bankerslh0.30nh0.35
9883c Gomperslh0.20nhSOLD
9893c Statue Freedomlh0.30nh0.35
9903c Exec Mansionlh0.30nh0.35
9913c Supreme Courtlh0.30nh0.35
9923c Capitollh0.30nh0.35
9933c Railroad Engineerslh0.30nhSOLD
9943c Kansas Citylh0.30nh0.35
9953c Boy Scoutslh0.50nhSOLD
9963c Indianalh0.30nhSOLD
9973c CalifornialhSOLDnhSOLD
9983c U.C.V.lh0.35nhSOLD
9993c Nevadalh0.35nh0.43
10003c Cadillaclh0.30nh0.35
10013c Coloradolh0.30nhSOLD
10023c Amer Chemical Soclh0.25nh0.30
10033c Battle Brooklynlh0.25nh0.30
10043c Betsy Rosslh0.30nhSOLD
10053c 4-H Clublh0.35nh0.40
10063c B&O Railroadlh0.30nhSOLD
10073c AAA School Safetylh0.23nh0.28
10083c NATOlh0.20nh0.25
10093c Grand Coulee Damlh0.30nh0.35
10103c Lafayettelh0.30nhSOLD
10113c Mt Rushmorelh0.60nh0.69
10123c Civil Engineeringlh0.30nh0.35
10133c Service Womenlh0.30nh0.35
10143c Gutenberg Biblelh0.25nh0.29
10153c Newspaper Boyslh0.25nhSOLD
10163c Red Crosslh0.25nh0.30
10173c National Guardlh0.25nh0.29
10183c Ohiolh0.30nhSOLD
10193c Washington Terrlh0.30nh0.35
10203c Louisiana Purchaselh0.60nhSOLD
10215c Opening of JapanlhSOLDnhSOLD
10223c Amer Bar Assnlh0.30nh0.35
10233c Sagamore Hilllh0.25nh0.30
10243c Future Farmerslh0.25nhSOLD
10253c Truckinglh0.25nhSOLD
10263c General Pattonlh0.30nh0.35
10273c New York Citylh0.30nhSOLD
10283c Gadsden Purchaselh0.30nhSOLD
I have nearly every plate block from 1940 to 1985. Let me know your needs and I'll quote you a fair price.

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