Match the Hero With the Author:

1. M.C. Beaton
2. Lillian Jackson Braun
3. Dale Brown
4. Tom Clancy
5. Stephen Coonts
6. Patricia Cornwell
7. Clive Cussler
8. Janet Evanovich
9. Dick Francis
10. Sue Grafton
11. Martha Grimes
12. Emma Lathan
13. Patricia Moyes
14. James Patterson
15. John Sandford
16. Lawrence Saunders
G. Hamish McBeth
L. Jim Qwilleran
H. Patrick McLanahan
M. Jack Ryan
D. Jake Grafton
N. Kay Scarpetta
J. Dirk Pitt
K. Stephanie Plum
E. Sid Halley
I. Kinsey Millhone
F. Richard Jury
O. John Putnam Thatcher
P. Henry Tibbett
A. Alex Cross
B. Lucas Davenport
C. Edward X. Delaney

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